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A Little Nativity - By John and Ruth Kenward
This has to be one of the easiest nativity musicals to produce - and one of the most adorable! Even the costuming is easy, as nearly everyone can simply wear their pyjamas! The perfect answer for those wanting to re-tell the Nativity story in a direct and simple way that even the youngest may understand.
Pre-School KS1
A Really Noisy Nativity! - Alison Carver
A Really Noisy Nativity! for Early Years, Foundation Stages and Lower Key Stage 1 is a fun, lively and interactive Christmas musical, written to get children to sing, join in with sound effects and generally be loud!
Pre-School KS1
A Wriggly Nativity - By Peter Fardell
One of the UK's favourite nativities, A Wriggly Nativity is designed for children who just can't sit still and tells the Christmas story almost entirely through catchy songs, actions, movement and dance!
Pre-School KS1
All About A Baby - Val Hawthorne
Here it is - the easiest nativity play of all!
Chilly Milly - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole
Your snowman's standing tall in the garden. But wait a minute, he's shivering! What's that about? You can't believe it. Then you find he's not a Chilly Billy. He's a Chilly Milly! A snow-girl. And she needs a hat, a scarf, a coat and gloves. Who's going to help her dress up for the weather? We are!
Pre-School KS1
Father Christmas And Uncle Holly (Book Only) - Alison Hedger
Father Christmas And Uncle Holly is a happy collection of seven songs with a simple story revealing the well-kept secret of Father Christmas' twin brother. We meet the army of red and green elves and learn about the secret snow tunnel. How do the elves spend their Christmas morning now all the toys are finished? And what do Uncle Holly and Father Christmas do for their Christmas dinner - how do they spend Christmas afternoon?
Pre-School KS1
I-SPY Christmas - By John and Ruth Kenward
A game of I-SPY reveals all the major characters in the Nativity story - and a few surprising ones as well! Easy to teach and for the children to learn and, most importantly, it's fun! Age guide 3-6 years. 7 songs.
Pre-School KS1
Nursery Rhyme Nativity - Alison Hedger
Nursery Rhyme Nativity is a special Christmas musical for young children, retelling the Biblical story of the first Christmas to the tunes of favourite nursery rhymes.
Pre-School KS1
Shepherd Little - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole
A brand new nativity for 3 to 5 year olds. Shepherd Little, Bethlehem's smallest resident, has a little trouble with the truth. So, when he makes a claim he's seen a person with wings who has an amazing story to tell, who on earth's going to believe him?
The Tale of the Christmas Tree - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole
A Festivity of Note! (non-Nativity) for 3 to 6's from the creators of The Shiniest Star and Shepherd Little. Book with script and music top-line plus a CD containing performance tracks, backing tracks, printable piano score and other free resources.
Pre-School KS1

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