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6 Minute Nativity (A Mini-Musical) - By Sarah Watts and Rowena Gibbons
Here is the Christmas story, condensed into a six-minute musical performance which is sung all the way through (cantata-style) to Sarah Watts’ entertaining and jazzy tunes.
A Little Nativity - By John and Ruth Kenward
This has to be one of the easiest nativity musicals to produce - and one of the most adorable! Even the costuming is easy, as nearly everyone can simply wear their pyjamas! The perfect answer for those wanting to re-tell the Nativity story in a direct and simple way that even the youngest may understand.
Pre-School KS1
A Really Noisy Nativity! - Alison Carver
A Really Noisy Nativity! for Early Years, Foundation Stages and Lower Key Stage 1 is a fun, lively and interactive Christmas musical, written to get children to sing, join in with sound effects and generally be loud!
Pre-School KS1
A Way In A Manger - By Ruth Kenward and Caroline Kimber
Set within a story from old English folklore, this musical is a simple explanation of the Christmas message, that Jesus was born in human form to show mankind the character of God. A refreshing new look at what lies at the heart of the Christmas story - something completely different.
A Wriggly Nativity - By Peter Fardell
One of the UK's favourite nativities, A Wriggly Nativity is designed for children who just can't sit still and tells the Christmas story almost entirely through catchy songs, actions, movement and dance!
Pre-School KS1
Baa Baa Bethlehem - By Daisy Bond and Ian Faraday
In this imaginative new nativity musical, we discover that wonderful things do indeed come in small packages! For four young shepherds, being ‘bottom of the heap’ is no fun. They never get to leave the hillside and take the sheep to market and are never allowed to sit near the fire on cold evenings - such treats are reserved for the older shepherds.
Babushka (The Musical) - By Ruth Kenward (Book and CD)
A charming version of the 'Babushka' tale, with lots of different roles to involve plenty of children. The show is very picturesque and the songs are delightful, with actions provided. Simple to produce and a real audience-pleaser!
Bethlehem's Buzzin' - By Daisy Bond and Ian Faraday
This witty yet sensitive adaptation of the traditional nativity story is a delightful reminder of the true message of Christmas.
Chilly Milly - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole
Your snowman's standing tall in the garden. But wait a minute, he's shivering! What's that about? You can't believe it. Then you find he's not a Chilly Billy. He's a Chilly Milly! A snow-girl. And she needs a hat, a scarf, a coat and gloves. Who's going to help her dress up for the weather? We are!
Pre-School KS1
Christmas Recipe - By Peter Fardell
Christmas Recipe imagines all the ingredients that go to make a wonderful Christmas being mixed together in a bowl! With this unique concept and a host of colourful 'ingredients' (robins, presents, snow, Father Christmas, and much more) this little musical offers the opportunity to create a very special Christmas performance.
Christmas Stars! - A Nativity Musical by Sheila Wilson
This fun new Christmas musical has God auditioning all the traditional characters for the Nativity. But there are no losers (apart from Herod!) and the musical ends with a beautiful tableau scene. It is suitable for KS1+ and 2, or all KS1 ages if your staff and children are confident. It is set for a cast of approximately 30, but can be freely adapted for more or less. Permission is given for the play to be adapted as well (and KS1 suggestions are included).
Father Christmas And Uncle Holly (Book Only) - Alison Hedger
Father Christmas And Uncle Holly is a happy collection of seven songs with a simple story revealing the well-kept secret of Father Christmas' twin brother. We meet the army of red and green elves and learn about the secret snow tunnel. How do the elves spend their Christmas morning now all the toys are finished? And what do Uncle Holly and Father Christmas do for their Christmas dinner - how do they spend Christmas afternoon?
Pre-School KS1
Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen - By Kaye Umansky, Ana Sanderson and Stephen Chadwick
Following on from the success of A & C Black’s Roald Dahl series of musicals comes a sparkling adaptation of Han’s Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen. Kay is swept into the Snow Queen's icy sleigh and stolen away to her frozen palace. Gerda, his best friend, sets out on a brave journey to rescue him.
I-SPY Christmas - By John and Ruth Kenward
A game of I-SPY reveals all the major characters in the Nativity story - and a few surprising ones as well! Easy to teach and for the children to learn and, most importantly, it's fun! Age guide 3-6 years. 7 songs.
Pre-School KS1
It's A Nativity - By Andrew Oxspring
The nativity story told through narrations, a simple script and seven delightfully-catchy and easy-to-learn songs ... that’s it, in a nutshell!
Jack Frost - Peter Canwell
Complete Vocal Score to this delightful Christmas Musical by Peter Canwell, with piano arrangements from Barrie Turner.
Jerusalem News - Denis O'Gorman and Kevin Duncan
Breaking news! A child is born in Bethlehem! This entertaining new musical based on the Nativity story is told in the format of a live news broadcast. Interviews with a wide range of characters are interspersed with some really catchy songs.
Jesus' Christmas Party - By Roger Parsley
A very entertaining nativity musical, Jesus' Christmas Party is based on million-selling storybook by Nicholas Allan, and it has huge child-appeal. The show is lively, funny and very easy to direct, with songs that almost teach themselves! Two versions of the script are included - one for ages 5 to 7, the other for ages 7 to 10.
Little Angel Gets Her Wings (Director's Pack/CD) - By Nick Perrin
A charming perspective on the nativity story that has huge appeal to infants and parents alike. There is a read-aloud story to help you introduce the characters and plot to the children easily and you have a choice between dramatised or narrated versions.
Mr Humbug Sees The Light - By Andrew Oxspring
This super musical sees the Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol, brought bang up to date and set in school! Headteacher, Mr Humbug, hates Christmas because it gets in the way of ‘proper’ work and costs too much, so he bans it!
Nursery Rhyme Nativity - Alison Hedger
Nursery Rhyme Nativity is a special Christmas musical for young children, retelling the Biblical story of the first Christmas to the tunes of favourite nursery rhymes.
Pre-School KS1
Primary School Christmas Musical - By Andrew Oxspring and Mick Riddell
A Christmas and Nativity Musical for 7-11 year olds. What goes into putting on a spectacular Christmas musical at school? Making costumes, painting scenery and learning lines aren’t even the half of it! Join us on a truly rollercoaster ride, as we take a look behind the scenes at everything and everyone involved in making a school production happen.
Santa's On Strike - By Andrew Oxspring
It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s in a mood. He’s seen too many episodes of Supernanny and thinks children don’t deserve presents anymore, so he goes on strike. As Mrs Santa and the elves show him snapshots of family life, will he realise that Christmas is still a time of giving, caring and sharing? You bet he will, and so will your audience in this celebration of all that is good about christmas … and about children!
Scrooge ... A Ghost Of A Chance - By Sheila Wilson
This musical has grown and grown in popularity. It’s a great chance to perform a Dickens classic (‘A Christmas Carol’), with the play and lyrics written by Colin Baker (of ‘Doctor Who’ fame) and the music written by Sheila in her trademark style! Colin has also written expert staging instructions.
The Bossy Christmas Fairy - By Patricia Lee
A Christmas musical with seven new songs. This humorous musical teaches children about Christmas customs and the moral that being bossy and judging only by appearances is not acceptable.
The Donkey Seller - By Carrie Richardson and Clare Jones
This delightfully entertaining nativity introduces a group of bored donkeys, whose lives are transformed by the journey they make to Bethlehem. The play is full of humour, yet there is also a real sense of the Christmas message, making this a wonderful choice for 5-9 year-olds. (Two scripts included - one for age 5 to 7, and one for age 7 to 9.)
The Elves And The Shoemaker - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole
An enchanting Christmas Musical for young children to star in, learn from and enjoy. It is easy to stage for a class of 30 children ideally aged 6 to 9 (Upper Key Stage 1 / Lower Key Stage 2) and the story is based on a well-loved traditional tale, told through original lyrics and lively music to present a complete theatrical experience to a school.
The Match Girl's Christmas - By Nick Perrin
This powerful short musical reminds us of the need to care for the poorest in our society, as well as pointing to the love and hope that Christmas brings. The play cleverly interweaves two stories (Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Match Girl’ and the story of the Nativity), yet the script is relatively undemanding as most of the action is integral to the songs, keeping preparation time to a minimum.
The Night Before Christmas - By Susannah Pearse and Matthew White
'Twas the night before Christmas and all round the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse ... The peace and quiet of Christmas Eve is disturbed by a noisy clatter outside. Who can it be? The Night Before Christmas is a magical, musical adaptation of the well-known nineteenth century rhyme of the same name. This heart-warming tale brings the magic of Christmas to life in a fantastically festive setting.
The Shiniest Star - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole
The Shiniest Star is a lively version of the nativity featuring a star with attitude, proud to be chosen to shine over the stable in Bethlehem.
The Tale of the Christmas Tree - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole
A Festivity of Note! (non-Nativity) for 3 to 6's from the creators of The Shiniest Star and Shepherd Little. Book with script and music top-line plus a CD containing performance tracks, backing tracks, printable piano score and other free resources.
Pre-School KS1

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