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Treasure Island - By Nick Perrin and Ruth Kenward

Treasure Island - By Nick Perrin and Ruth Kenward Bestseller
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Arrangement/Format: Piano/Vocal/Guitar (with CD)
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Starshine Music
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Key Stage 2 : Suitable For Ages 7-11 CD Included
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Treasure Island - By Nick Perrin & Ruth Kenward (RRP £38.25)

From the moment Jim Hawkins opens Billy Bones' sea chest, his life is changed forever. He discovers a treasure map that marks the spot where a notorious pirate, Captain Flint, has buried his loot.

Jim becomes a cabin boy on The Hispaniola, a ship bound for Treasure Island, with the purpose of finding buried treasure! He meets many colourful characters on his journey, including Long John Silver, the one legged ship’s cook. Although Long John Silver befriends him, Jim isn't sure whether he is trustworthy. Despite the many challenges that he faces, Jim shows courage and determination in the face of danger. Bravely, he helps Squire Trelawney and his men to win through, and - with the help of island eccentric, Benn Gunn - they defeat the pirates, find Flint's treasure, and sail home triumphant.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, this action-packed musical introduces plenty of lively, nautical fun! Age guide 8-11 years.

Approximate Duration: 50 minutes


‘Excellent songs, music and humour, easy to direct and costume, good sound effects and having everything on one CD is fantastic!’
 – TC, Teacher, East Sussex   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘The children had lots of fun and they really liked the songs; the pirate theme was greatly enjoyed and they loved 'the black spot'! The musical has inspired the children to read other adaptations of the novel.’
 – BW, Music Teacher, Isle of Man   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘Good fun with humourous dialogue, and a good ratio of actions and words to songs.’
 – LL, Music Teacher, Perthshire   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘The children really enjoyed the songs and we liked all the dance opportunities.’
 – HB, Music Teacher, London   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘Very enjoyable for this age range with catchy songs and a good script. The children loved the pirate theme.’
 – AR, Head Teacher, Sussex   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

Additional Information:

As with all musical performances, a Performance Licence from Starshine Music is required if you decide to stage this musical. As a general guideline, performance licence fees usually range between £20 to £30 for the first performance, irrespective of whether or not you charge the audience. Full details accompany the contents of this show, including how to apply for a performance licence direct from the publisher.

Please note that we are unable to supply inspection copies of this item.

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