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Cinderella and Rockerfella - Mark And Helen Johnson (Book And CD)

Cinderella and Rockerfella - Mark And Helen Johnson (Book And CD)
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Arrangement/Format: Piano/Vocal/Guitar (with CD)
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Pantomimes
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Key Stage 2 : Suitable For Ages 7-11 CD Included
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Cinderella and Rockerfella - Mark And Helen Johnson (Book And CD)

A modern, panto-style reworking of the classic tale, including all the traditional characters: downtrodden Cinderella, Rockerfella (formerly known as Prince Charming!), Buttons, the Ugly Sisters and the Fairy Godmother, with a selection of additional characters, from music managers and paparazzi, to good and bad fairies - all placed in a world of fame and celebrity.

With fresh and relevant things to say about fame, fortune and how true love will win in the end, it has a wonderfully comical script, fabulous songs and plenty of opportunity for audience participation. This is the perfect choice for your Christmas or any-time-of-the-year production and is sure to bring the house down.

Suitable for ages 8 to 11 years.

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes


/media/soundclips/Ark/cracked-up-to-be.mp3 3) It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be!
/media/soundclips/Ark/so-in-love-with-me.mp3 4) I’m So In Love With Me!
/media/soundclips/Ark/going-to-the-ball.mp3 5) You’re Going To The Ball!
/media/soundclips/Ark/party-here-tonight.mp3 6) There’s A Party Here Tonight!


‘Its Brilliant! We did this as our play! I was the Town Crier! My Best Friend was Rocky!’
 – Thomas, Claytons Primary School   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘It is soooooo good, it is the best play we have ever done at school, much better than last year!’
 – Tess, Upham C Of E Primary School   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘We did this as a P7 Leaver's Assembly and we all loved it. Thanks so much!’
 – Beebee, Scotland   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘We used this in our pantomime and we had a great response. The children loved singing the songs, and all had a great time! My personal favourites are "You're going to the ball" (I got to sing that one!) and "Your feet are to big!" Thank you very much for the wonderul songs!!!’
 – CW, Hesketh Bank, UK   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘We are currently performing Cinderella Rockerfella at our primary school for the leaving concert (I am Year 6) and we are having so much fun. Great music :).’
 – Luke, Loughborough, Leicestershire   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘We are doing it right now and I like the song "There's A Party Here Tonight!".’
 – Becky, Birchwood CE Primary School, UK   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I was Fairy NB (Fairy Nastyboots) and loved it!’
 – Monique, Te Kopuru, New Zealand   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘For our play this year we are doing Cinderella Rockerfella and i am Cinderella i am really happy.’
 – JM, Rowner Junior School, Gosport   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I was Fairy Cake in the play and me and all my friends really enjoyed it. I think all of the teachers will remember the boys who played the ugly sisters!’
 – Katie, Belbroughton   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘We are doing Cinderella Rockafella in our year 6 summer play and we (on behalf of most of the class) are really looking forward to it! Sarah is auditioning for 'Cinderella' and Saskia is auditioning for 'Fairy Cake' or 'Fairy Liquid'. We can't wait until the play is performed in front of family and friends (and KS1). We love it although lots of people are nervous about the amount of solo's!’
 – Sarah And Saskia, St. Mary's School, Putney   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘It was really good, Naphen was Rockerfella and I was street person three and I think all schools could do the play.’
 – JM, UK   Star Star Star Star (4/5)

‘When I heard our school was doing Cinderella and Rockerfella for the KS2 Christmas prouduction, I auditioned for Anastacia (ugly sister) and I got the part. I was thrilled! I love the song 'I'm so in love with me', it's awsome! Out of the Ark are really good panto writers!’
 – Bobbie, Cuckney C Of E Primary School   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I was made Rockefella in this production and I loved it. I practised singing my favourite song 'It's not all it's cracked up to be' every night! And when it came to the production, I loved it and my parents loved it too!’
 – Lauren, UK   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘When I saw the ominous words "forthcoming pantomime", I was so excited that the brilliant Out of the Ark were venturing into new territories, and I was not let down! I received my copy of the book and CD, and have not stopped listening to the wonderfully suitable panto-style songs and lyrics. The script is fantastically written, one of the most hysterical yet simple in nature (just as a good panto is) adaptations I've ever heard. My sincere congratulations to everybody involved with the publication of this masterpiece, and to anyone in doubt, this can be performed at any time of year, particularly in the inevitable "panto season" - it's sure to "bring the house down"!’
 – Jackarias, UK   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

Additional Information:

As with all musical performances, a Performance Licence from Out Of The Ark Music will be required if you decide to stage this musical. As a general guideline, performance licence fees from Out Of The Ark Music usually range between £18 to £30 for the first performance, irrespective of whether or not you charge the audience. Full details accompany the contents of this show, including how to apply for a performance licence direct from the publisher.

Please note that we are unable to supply inspection copies of this item.

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