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Reach For The Sky - By Andrew Oxspring

Reach For The Sky - By Andrew Oxspring Bestseller
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Arrangement/Format: Piano/Vocal/Guitar (with CD)
Category: Musical Plays - Edgy Productions
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Key Stage 2 : Suitable For Ages 7-11 CD Included
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With the underlying message that if we try our best in all we do then our rewards will be plentiful, this popular musical takes a cheeky look at those ‘sporty’ and PE-based experiences we have at primary school!

We all remember rummaging through lost-property to find some kit for a PE lesson, those over-eager dads competing in the parents' race on sports day, the frustration of trying to get that rubber swimming hat on, the thrill of being picked for the team ... and lots more!

Book and CD Pack includes full script with staging tips, a CD of vocal tracks, backing tracks, continuity music and sound effects and a piano score with voice line and guitar chords. The CD-ROM pack version replaces the wire-bound A4 book and includes the script and score in both PDF and MS Word files on the CD-ROM, allowing you to re-write or individualise the text, dialogue and lyrics to suit your needs and to print as many scripts as you require from your PC (the CD-ROM pack also includes an audio CD of music as with the Book and CD version).

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes


‘This play is so interesting!’
 – Nadine, Notre Dame   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘My year are doing this for our leavers assembly, I am instructor 1 so excited cant wait !!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)’
 – Elysia, Paddox Primary School   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘Our class is doing this play. I'm mum 2. Very very funny. We have just started and we all know all the songs already. 5 star from me!’
 – Hannah, St. Benedicts Primary School, Redcar   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘Our class our doing this play for our leavers' assembly as well. I play Dad 2 in Scene 3 and Josh in Scene 5. The songs are good, but our teacher thinks the last song is boring. So, we're replacing 'The Best That I Can Be' with 'Reach' by S Club 7!’
 – Jesse, Notre Dame   Star Star Star Star (4/5)

‘I love this play, I have the part of Sam in scene 5. I already know all my lines and all the words to the songs! Would recommend it to year six leavers. ’
 – MR, Sonning Common Primary School   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘It's fun!’
 – Finn, St. Albert's   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I am a pupil doing this production and I have the part of Mr Starkey. I am only in one scene and am yet to see the production in its entirety however in scenes 1, 2 and 3 there are some fantastically humorous parts and I am sure the other scenes are just as great to see as well can't wait to see it all. I highly recommend it.’
 – JC, Churchfields School, Hertfordshire   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I am in scene 4 and my line is yes tom daley and he is still so young he probably feels like only yesterday he started swimming lessons!’
 – Faiza, Beechwood primary school   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I'm Committee Member 3 - a main part, I love the funny parts of the play although some of it's just too cheesy!’
 – Flo, UK   Star Star Star Star (4/5)

‘Me and my year are currently doing this play for our year 6 leavers assembly! The songs are just so wonderful and very very catchy. I think the last song will bring tears to eyes. ***** recommended!’
 – JD, Brampton Ellis Junior School   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I am child 6 in the play [mr starkey's pupil], we only just started and i know all my lines already. I luv it, i would reccomend the long and hard parts to people with long term memory. My best friend Hannah has already posted on this website.’
 – AJ, St. Benedicts Primary School, Redcar   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘Great play comedy, would suggest it for year 6 leavers!’
 – Mehak, Robin Hood School   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

Additional Information:

As with all musical performances, a Performance Licence from Edgy Productions will be required if you decide to stage this musical. As a general guideline, performance licence fees usually range between £20 to £30 for the first performance, irrespective of whether or not you charge the audience. Full details accompany the contents of this show, including how to apply for a performance licence direct from the publisher.

Please note that we are unable to supply inspection copies of this item.

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