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Ye-Ha! - By Craig Hawes

Ye-Ha! - By Craig Hawes
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Arrangement/Format: Piano and Voice only
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Musicline
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Key Stage 2 : Suitable For Ages 7-11
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CD of Backing Tracks

CD of Vocal Tracks

Performance Score (Grade 5/6 Standard)

Easy Play Rehearsal Score (Grade 2/3 Standard)

Pack of 5 Scripts (NON-RETURNABLE)

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Ye-Ha! squeezes all the fun and adventure of the old west into a wonderfully wild musical comedy. Something stinks in Splodge City - and it ain't the drains! Mad Dog McNut and his gang are running wild and Wilbur Hubbard, cowardly cook at the Fordoor Saloon, lands the job no-one wants-Sheriff of Splodge. Luckily for Wilbur, Billie-Jo Brisket and her faithful steed Lightning roll into town to lend a hand, and suddenly the race is on to save the town. It's a rootin- tootin tale of crazy cowboys, barmy baddies, masked heroes and hidden gold!

Ye-Ha! mixes comical characters, a side-splitting script and sparkling songs in a musical that will make your cast shine and your audience go wild in a western way! With parts for between 30 and 50 children plus unlimited chorus parts, this show will suit any size school or group.

A CD featuring dazzling, fully orchestrated backing tracks with and without vocals is available for rehearsals and performances. Age guide 7 to 12 years.

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes


/media/soundclips/ML/Wild-Wild-West.mp3 2) In The Wild Wild West!
3) In The Wild Wild West! (Reprise)
/media/soundclips/ML/Where-Is-The-Hero.mp3 4) Where Is The Hero In Me?

View Samples:

Cast List:

Principal Characters:
Billie-Jo Brisket*
Lightnin' The Horse
Wilbur Hubbard*
Ma Annie Hubbard
Chip Checker
Mayor Tex Truman
Dwayne Dimples
Dr Cornelius Spooner*

The No-Good Outlaws:
Howling Mad Dog McNut
Bronco Bill

The Saloon Girls:

The Townsfolk:
Philius Snuffit
Festus Rott
Old Seth
Old Amos
Smith Ironside
Levi Vandergelder
Dolly Vandegelder
Claude the Barber
Clyde the Barber
Clifford the Barber
Clint the Barber
Miss Bracegirdle

The Children:
Sonny Ironside
Chad Checker
Verity Vandergelder
Virginia Vandergelder

The Two Stroke Indians:
Chief Walking Weasel
Squatting Poodle
Leaping Leopard
Jumping Jaguar
Towering Wild Bear

* denotes characters with singing solos


‘We have only just found out and have started casting and rehearsing but we are sooo excited (I am Ma Annie Hubbard!)’
 – Holly, Enfield, UK   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I had a solo and it was very scary and my best friend was the main character he had a solo it was scary for him too.’
 – DH, Bryn Deva School, Connah's Quay   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘I am a year 6 playing Dwanye Dimples. The play is really good but I would say Dimples should not wear cowboy costumes, he should wear a 1800s style suit!’
 – SP, Maundene School   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘It's a brilliant play! I'm the year 6 who's playing Tex Truman. We've only just got are parts but ALL year 6 are so excited. It's our christmas play for 2011-2012; special for us as it's our last christmas play!’
 – RM, Sandgate Primary, Folkstone UK   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘This show is very fun and entertaining, the characters have so much theme into their personalities. My favourite character was Mayor Tex Truman and Lightnin The Horse.’
 – PH, Grange Primary School, UK   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

‘It's fun and pretty easy to do - every one in yr 5/6 is enjoying putting on this production for the rest of our school and parents.’
 – Tamisn, Cliffe Woods Primary School, UK   Star Star Star Star Star (5/5)

Additional Information:

As with all musical performances, a Performance Licence from Musicline Publications will be required if you decide to stage this musical, irrespective of whether or not you charge the audience.

As a general guideline, the performance licence fees for Junior Versions range between £10 and £30 for each performance and usually depend upon the size of your school (for example, £10 per performance if 1-49 pupils on school roll, £15 for 50-99 pupils, £20 for 100-149 pupils, £25 for 150-199 pupils and £30 per performance if there are more than 200 pupils on school roll). For Senior Versions, performance licences are approximately £55 per performance.

The price of a Performance Licence from Musicline Publications is based on the SIZE of your school NOT the number of children taking part in the performance. This is aimed at accommodating SMALLER schools with SMALLER budgets.

Full details accompany the contents of this show, including how to apply for a performance licence direct from the publisher.

Please note that we are unable to supply inspection copies of this item.

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