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Pied Viper, The - By Debbie Campbell

The Pied Viper
Media/Arrangement: Piano/Vocal/Guitar
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Debbie Campbell
Order Code: GA11125


Product Description

Remember Robert Browning’s tragic poem, The Pied Piper of Hamelin? Well, in this musical version, the problem isn’t rats, it’s drugs. But the Mayor is still preoccupied with his own wheeler dealing to listen to complaints from locals about the lack of resources for education and play spaces for kids. And he certainly isn’t aware that his own son, Tommy is drug dealing outside the school gates.

When some pupils are tempted to try Tommy’s pretty pills, they start hallucinating and behaving like crazy rats. Sadly, it takes a tragic motorway accident for vital lessons to be learnt.

The Pied Viper is a resource for Drug prevention projects in primary and secondary schools.

Suitable for Key Stages 3 and 4 (ages 9 to 14), cast size 20-40+. Cross curricular aspects include social education, citizenship, science, music, dance, drama, art and design.

Approximate Duration: 45-60 minutes


Cast List

Flexible cast size with 20 to 30 evenly distributed speaking/singing parts and choruses:
Hamelyn High School Pupils*: Jane, Charlene, Kate, Fred, James and Brad
Miss Hall* - Teacher
Mr Baker - School Caretaker
Tommy Piper* - the Mayor’s graduate son
Residents & Parents*: Alan - shop steward (non-speaking), Barbara - single mother (non-speaking), Colin (non-speaking)
Deidre - librarian (non-speaking)
Elaine - earth-mother type (non-speaking)
Pensioners*: Frank - Colonel, rtd (non-speaking), Gladys - posh (non-speaking), Harry - elderly fitness freak (non-speaking)
Ivy - pub landlady (non-speaking)
Mayor Piper*
Mrs Piper (non-speaking)
Councillors*, Clerks, Treasurers, Accountants, Secretaries (non-speaking)
Choruses: Residents & Rats

* denotes solo/small group singing part

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