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Kenneth Baker: Den Rigtig Keyboardspiller 2. Sheet Music

Kenneth Baker Den Rigtig Keyboardspiller 2 Sheet Music
Media Type: Book Only
Media/Arrangement: Keyboard
Category: Piano and Keyboard
Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen
Order Code: WH30091


Product Description

With this Danish edition of The Complete Keyboard Player Book 2, you can teach yourself to play the electronic Keyboard in a number of diverse styles and genres.

The Complete Keyboard Player can teach you the fundamentals of playing this versatile instrument, so that in no time at all you can get the Keyboard to sound exactly how you want, whether it's a single instrument, or an entire orchestra. 

With this expertly-written Keyboard tutor book, you will have the opportunity to learn within the context of many famous and familiar songs, adding popular songs to your repertoire straight away. Instrumental effects that are included are Piano, Guitar and Vibraphone along with many others to allow you to play exactly what you want, how you want. 

With The Complete Keyboard Player Book 2, you'll be running up and down the Keyboard in absolutely no time at all, playing your favourite tunes and your favourite genres with ease.

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