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Razzamajazz Recorder

Razzamajazz Descant Recorder - Repertoire - Sarah Watts
If you enjoyed Razzamajazz, then here are a few more pieces to 'get jazzy' with.
Prices from: £7.99
Razzamajazz Recorder - Book 1 - Sarah Watts
The great Razzamajazz Recorder just got even greater! This revised version contains all the fun tunes in the best-selling original edition along with several entirely new ones.
Prices from: £7.59
Razzamajazz Recorder - Book 2 - Sarah Watts
This popular book has also been revised and now features fun tunes in the original version plus several entirely new ones that are designed to build confidence.
Prices from: £6.99
Razzamajazz Recorder - Book 3 - Sarah Watts
Razzamajazz Recorder Book 3 introduces pupils to upper-octave and lower range notes in the same confidence-building, enjoyable style as its predecessors.
Prices from: £6.99
Razzamajazz Recorder - Christmas - Sarah Watts
These jazzy Christmas pieces will give beginners of all ages the encouragement and confidence they need to sound really great!
Prices from: £6.99
Razzamajazz Recorder - Duets And Trios For Recorder - Sarah Watts
The jazzy duets and trios in this book will give instrumentalists of all ages the encouragement and confidence they need to play well together.
Prices from: £6.99
Razzamajazz Recorder - Student Books 1, 2 And 3 - Sarah Watts
The bestselling Razzamajazz Recorder student edition now includes the new pieces from the Revised Razzamajazz Recorder Books 1 and 2 and the contents of the entirely new Razzamajazz Recorder Book 3, in this ease of use low-cost format book.
Prices from: £4.99

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