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Eat Sleep Sing

Eat Sleep Sing
Media Type: Book [Softcover]
Media/Arrangement: Vocal
Category: Vocal Warm-Ups
Publisher: Faber Music
Order Code: 0571541763


Product Description

Explore the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and ultimately life-changing benefits that singing can bring. Eat Sleep Sing takes you on a fun and informative journey as you uncover the secrets of singing. This inspiring workbook will help you get the best out of your voice and encourage everyone to sing. Written by professional singer, teacher and composer, Stacey DeLooze, Eat Sleep Sing features easy-to-follow practical exercises, a step-by-step warm-up guide and expert advice, and is suitable for non-singers, beginners, amateurs, trained musicians, and teachers alike. Discover the chemical responses to singing that reduce stress and encourage a good night’ssleep. Master exercises to gain stronger breath control and a happier mind. Explore the myriad ways singing connects us to each other and the world around us. Unlock tips to boost your confidence and keep your memory sharp and agile.
Featuring beautiful illustrations which can be coloured-in to support mindfulness, tongue-twisters to practise, as well as a mood-tracker to help monitor your progress, there is no requirement to read music.

Subtitle: A practical guide to the benefits of singing
Genre: Tuition
Language: English
Pages: 160
Publisher: Faber Music
First published: 2020
ISBN: 9780571541768


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