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Professionally Recorded Backing Track CDs and CDGs

Browse our extensive range of professionally recorded music theatre, film, children's and Disney karaoke backing tracks including Pocket Songs and Stage Stars CDs and CDGs by selecting from the options below, or use the search box at the top of the page to quickly find the track you're looking for.

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Backing Track CD and CDG Formats

All our backing track albums are either in CD or CD+G (CDG) format. When a CD+G disk is played on a karaoke machine or CD+G player, then lyrics will appear on the screen. However, CD+G disks may also be played on conventional CD players, although no graphics/lyrics will appear on the screen.

Many of these albums include professionally recorded guide vocals versions of the songs also on the disks, in addition to the backing track only versions. Where the guide vocal versions are present, each song appears on the album twice: once with music and vocals and once with accompaniment tracks only. This allows the performer to learn a song by singing along with the vocals and music, then to practice their technique or perform the song accompanied only by the background tracks.

Professional Recordings

All our backing tracks are fully-orchestrated professional recordings and are recorded in the same show key and show tempo as the original recording, wherever possible. However, please note that the vocals on these disks are not recordings by the original artistes but are intending for guide/practice use only.

Lyric Booklets

Some of these disks may also include lyric booklets. Where specified, the lyric booklet is enclosed in the front cover of the CD jewel case. (Lyrics to most of the songs may also be found on the internet.)

Sample Soundclips

You'll also be able to listen to sample soundclips for most of the backing tracks on our website. Just look for the "play" button alongside each track name and click on this icon to play the soundclip. If you can hear vocals on the soundclips, then these are the vocal versions and the backing tracks will be exactly the same, just with the vocals removed.

Do you accept School Purchase Orders for payment upon receipt?

Yes we do. If you are ordering from a UK School, Academy or Local Education Authority Establishment and would like to pay on receipt of your order, you can place your order as normal via our website, entering your Purchase Order number (optional) when requested in the shopping cart. You may also enter a different billing/invoice address to your delivery address, if required. Finally, select the "UK School Purchase Order" option when prompted and we'll do the rest.

Please Note: We are only able to process orders for the "UK School Purchase Order" payment option where the invoice is addressed to your school/academy/local education authority establishment. For all other orders, payment by debit/credit card is required at the time you place your order.

We'll quote your Purchase Order number (if entered) on our invoice - just pass our invoice for payment when you receive your music (payment terms 30 days from date of invoice).

Alternatively, you may post or fax an Order Form (PDF) to us.

For more information on placing an order with us, please see our How To Order page.

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