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Banana Splits - Ways Into Part-Singing

Banana Splits
Media/Arrangement: Voice and Piano
Category: Songbooks
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Order Code: 9780713641967

Bestseller KS2

Product Description

A super selection of graded part songs to develop the skills and enjoyment of singing in parts. This collection of simple songs and singing activities leads to independent part-singing, making it accessible and fun for both pupils and teachers.

Two-part songs, including echo songs, canons, rounds and partner songs are clearly presented. Clear notes guide the teacher through preparation and effective teaching methods. There are also supporting activities to develop skills and confidence.

Age range 7+ years.


1) Alleluia Amen/Michael Row The Boat Ashore
2) Autumn Leaves
3) Banana Splits
4) Beat Box
5) Behind The Action
6) Big Ben Bean
7) By The Waters Of Babylon
8) Can You Dig That Crazy Gibberish?
9) Cat And Mouse Games
10) Choo Choo
11) Chuffers And Sneezers
12) Clap Your Hands
13) Dham Dham Dham
14) Down By The Bay
15) El Condor Pasa
16) Emanuel
17) Ewe!
18) Fiddle Diddle
19) Food Feast
20) Four White Horses
21) God Bless The Master
22) Have You Ever?
23) Hello...Goodbye
24) How Doth The Little Crocodile
25) I Hear The Bells
26) I Love The Flowers
27) I Wanna Sing Scat
28) Jack-In-The-Box
29) Jelly On A Plate
30) Jungle Sounds
31) Kum Bachur Atzel
32) London Bridge/Pease Pudding Hot
33) Make Up Your Own Ostinato
34) Mister Clicketty Cane
35) More Jungle Sounds
36) Mums And Dads
37) Music Alone Shall Live
38) Nanuma (Extended Version)
39) Nanuma (Short Version)
40) Noah’s Shanty
41) One, Two, Three, Four
42) Parade Day!
43) Partner Syllables
44) Poppycock Pie
45) Rings And Circles
46) Sing A Little Song
47) Soualle
48) Sports Day Race
49) Stand By Me
50) Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
51) Tambourine Talk
52) Ten Green Bottles/Green Glass
53) The Band
54) The Green Cross Code
55) The Human Drum Kit
56) The Shark
57) The Telephone Song
58) Time For A ’hocket’
59) Tomorrow’s Another Day
60) Tongo
61) Traffic Lights
62) Tv Tantrum
63) Which Note?
64) Wipe, Sniff, Drip

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