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Inn Crowd, The - By Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham

The Inn Crowd
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Nativity Musical Play - The School Musicals Company
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Product Description

The Inn Crowd takes a fresh, funny, furry look at the nativity story, complete with seven brilliantly catchy new songs and a host of groovy characters and is suitable for 5-9 year olds.

Squashed inside a stable, the animals are fed up: they’re uncomfortable, irritable and one of them is snoring. Even worse, there’s a party at the nearby inn. The animals feel second-rate, second-class and second to everyone.

But then a young couple arrive at the stable and everything changes. A baby is born. Shepherds visit. Kings bring gifts. The people from the inn are eager to squeeze in too, but the animals are going nowhere: this is their stable and at this moment in time they wouldn’t swap it for the world!

One of the most enchanting but also one of the most interesting aspects of the nativity story, is that Jesus is born in a stable with animals for company. The message is clear: here was a baby born for everyone, to serve rather than to rule, to support the weak or vulnerable and to value all.

In its own little way, The Inn Crowd is a celebration of this. The animals - who feel so marginalised, isolated and inferior at the beginning of the play - are the first to witness the birth of Jesus, the first to feel his influence and to be buoyed by his presence. The play may adopt a relatively light-hearted approach to the events of the first Christmas but at its heart is a strong message of acceptance, support and love - as important at Christmas as at any other time of the year.

Contains 54 speaking roles with a cast size of between 30-70 (ideal cast size 50).

The Director's Book includes the full script with song lyrics, character list, curriculum-linked material and the sheet music piano score with vocal line and guitar chords. The accompanying CD includes all songs recorded with children’s voices and full backing tracks.

An editable version of the script in Word format is available to customers who also purchase a performance licence. The cost of the editable script is currently £9.95 and this can only be bought (along with the performance licence) directly from the publisher’s website or by email to or by completion of the form at the back of the book.

Approximate Duration: 35 minutes


1) This is Bethlehem
2) All Of The Animals
3) The Inn Crowd
4) Weary Travellers
5) Shepherds On The Hillside
6) In A Humble Stable
7) Spread The Joy

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