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A and C Black Assembly Packs - Class Assemblies 1

Class Assemblies 1
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - A and C Black
Order Code: 9781408124567


Product Description

Class Assemblies is a series designed to take the stress out of whole-class assemblies for years 1, 2 & 3.

Everything you need for class assemblies in one ready-to-use pack. Contains four assemblies specially tailored for Year 1, with accompanying songs and music, as well as ideas for dances, costumes and sets, with supporting teaching notes.

Each assembly is based on a story which links to literacy topics, as well as cross-curricular themes. The stories are semi-scripted, allowing the class to join in with lines, actions and choral speech. Supporting teaching notes provide ideas for sets, costumes and dances, as well as advice for preparing the performance, and for linking the assembly to classroom work and SEAL themes.

The accompanying audio CD provides music for entering and exiting the assembly, performance and backing tracks for the songs and music for optional dances. No music reading required.


1) Magic in the Classroom - focus on good listening skills and doing the children doing as they are asked
2) The Awongalema Tree - focus on perseverence, modesty and courtesy
3) The Enormous Turnip - focus on problem-solving and team work
4) Superstars on Mars - focus on everyone having useful skills and that a range of talents is needed for good team work

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