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Zany Zoo, The - By Martin Neill and Ruth Kenward

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The Zany Zoo
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with Enhanced CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Starshine Music
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‘I am very impressed by 'The Zany Zoo'. The catchy songs are well-crafted, covering a wide range of musical genres which will hold the interest of the child performers and adult audiences alike. The songs have been written in the perfect range for making the most of young voices, and the accompaniment is full, yet still contains strong melodies and a clear bass clef pulse, which are instrumental in keeping the children in tune and in time! The CD contains practice vocal tracks, followed by fully-orchestrated instrumental tracks, the quality of which are performance-ready if a pianist is not available. There are clear stage instructions, costume and prop lists - even suggested actions for the songs! The whole package takes the 'guess-work' out of putting on a fun, professional production.’  - JH, Head of Pre-Prep Music, Eaton House.

Product Description

Full of witty, colourful fun, The Zany Zoo is the perfect primary school leavers' show. Excellent music, a great message about appreciating individuality, an array of entertaining cameo parts to include plenty of performers ... this musical is ideal for a large cast.

Zack’s Zoo is due to open but he refuses to open the gates to the public until all the animals have passed their Standard Animal Tests! The animals, meanwhile, are behaving in far from ‘standard’ ways - and some of them are downright wacky!

Joe Public and his friends are tired of waiting for the zoo to open, so they stage a protest. To prove the animals aren’t ready to be seen, Zack lets the ‘Publics’ in to observe the testing process - but Joe and his friends love the quirky animals just as they are and think this zoo is the best ever. Joe even suggests renaming it ‘The Zany Zoo’ so that people will know what to expect. Once Zack sees his creatures through their eyes, he stops trying to standardise them. He even apologises for not appreciating their individuality and declares: ‘The Zany Zoo is opening right now!’

Witty and colourful, The Zany Zoo is the perfect end of year show as it offers such an array of unforgettable cameo parts for a large, flexible cast (minimum 24, ideally 30-60). Suitable for ages 7 to 12 approximately.

The Director's Pack contains everything you need to stage a successful show including the Director's Book with director's overview, cast list, synopsis, notes, script, score, lyrics, helpful staging suggestions and performance licence application form. The included Enhanced CD contains full vocal demonstrations of the songs for the children to learn and separate instrumental backing tracks for performance use (no pianist required), along with printable files of the pupil script and lyric sheets (which allows you to print off as many copies as you require).

Approximate Duration: 55 minutes



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