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The Jungle Book - A Brand New Musical Adaptation by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey

The Jungle Book Musical Adaptation
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - The School Musicals Company
Order Code: 9781999580889


Product Description

Fill up your water-bottle and slap on the mosquito spray as you head into the jungle for the musical adventure of a lifetime!

Join Mowgli and Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa, the mischievous monkeys and the wily wolves in this brand new musical adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s much-loved classic suitable for ages 9 to 13.

We have all heard of Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Akela, Kaa and the myriad of other animals in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book: maybe because we watched the celebrated Disney animation, maybe because we were in cub scouts, or maybe we even read the book! By today’s standards, it’s a tricky read for children - and possibly even for adults. Its chronology jumps about all over the place, the language is challenging, as is the syntax. And yet it is hugely evocative, full of the most wonderful imagery, descriptions, insights, storylines and characters, most of which barely feature in film adaptations.

As a musical for children, it offers the chance to take some of the characters and elements of the different stories, and weave them into a dramatic, funny, quirky and hugely enjoyable piece of theatre. We hope that this brand new musical adaptation version has done just that!

With nine original songs, a delightful and dramatic script, dozens of memorable characters and plenty to do for a large ensemble, The Jungle Book will captivate children, adults and nearby wild animals.

Contains 36 speaking roles with a flexible cast size of between 26 to 60+ (ideal cast size 50).

The Director's Book includes the full script, character list, curriculum-linked material, along with the sheet music piano score with vocal line and guitar chords. The accompanying CD includes all songs recorded with children’s voices and full backing tracks.

An editable version of the script in Word format is available to customers who also purchase a performance licence. The cost of the editable script is currently £9.95 and this can only be bought (along with the performance licence) direct from the publisher’s website or by email to

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes


1) Somewhere In The Jungle
2) Leader Of The Pack
3) We Are Wolves
4) Tongues Of The Jungle
5) Whisper On The Breeze
6) Snake Eyes
7) We’re All Monkeys
8) Shere Khan
9) King Of The Jungle

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