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Ali Baba And The Bongo Bandits - By Craig Hawes

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Ali Baba And The Bongo Bandits
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Musicline
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Bestseller KS2

‘This spectacular musical has brought the entire school together like never before. The playground is full of children reciting the very funny script, or dancing to the catchy songs they're still singing at the top of their voice! I even find myself singing along when I am alone in the office!’  - JD, Head Teacher, St. Luke's Primary School, Shireoaks.

Product Description

Open sesame and discover a treasure-trove of fun and laughter as witty writer Craig Hawes gives the timeless tale a twist in this mystical musical comedy! So slip on your sandals for some sandy silliness as we take a thrilling carpet ride with Ali Baba and his crazy camel on an amazing Arabian adventure!

The ancient city of Old Baghdad is in chaos. Whilst the bustling bazaar is overrun with ruthless robbers, up in the palace Sultan Pepper's precious princess and Royal Ruby have vanished! To make matters worse, it seems the poor Sultan cannot trust his own Vizier, Mustapha Widdle, nor his mischievous monkey Booboo. So when Ali Baba discovers the hidden Cave Of Wonders, secret hideout of Balthazar Bongo and his bumbling bandits, it's down to him to save the day.

But when his ravenous, tap-dancing camel Humphrey bites off more than he can chew and Ali is accused of royal robbery, his fate seems as sealed as the Cave Of Wonders itself. With the sands of time rapidly running out, will Ali escape the clutches of the evil Vizier? Will he find and free the imprisoned princess? And what's in store when Ali and Bongo finally meet ... fez to fez? These mysteries and many more are revealed as we follow Ali across the dusty desert dunes to face forty filthy thieves, rescue a runaway princess, fly a magic carpet and release a genie from a bottle of ketchup!

This hysterical show is filled with mystical mayhem and a swag-bag of laughs to provide an Arabian night you'll never forget. With colourful characters, a side-splitting script, an enchanting score of show-stopping songs and a sprinkle of sparkle from a genius genie, this magical musical is everything you could wish for!

Contains 41 speaking roles (can be easily reduced to 29 speaking roles if necessary) with any number of chorus parts. Simple staging, very easy to costume and no problem props (see PDF "Sample Script" below for more details). Separate CDs of vocal and backing tracks (with essential sound effects) and Full Performance and Easy Play piano scores also available. Suitable for Key Stage 2, ages 7 to 11.

A BRAND NEW product called "Sing it!" is also available to accompany Ali Baba And The Bongo Bandits. This CD-ROM teaches the songs to the children without any teacher input. Children can use it at school or at home (think of the time it will save you!). Most schools use it in class on an interactive white board or in the school hall on the overhead projector to allow full cast practice. Children LOVE learning this way and the product is foolproof. Just give it to the children and they’ll do the rest.

Click here for more details about the new "Sing it!" CD-ROM (well worth watching).

A BRAND NEW product called "Dance it!" is also available for this musical. This choreography DVD teaches the children the dance steps for all of the songs. Watch each song performed by a group of age-appropriate children in two different versions; a full speed ‘Performance’ version and a slowed down ‘Step By Step’ version with helpful narration to guide you through the dance. Introduced by Craig Hawes, the DVD is also packed with lots of handy hints for teaching dances. Absolutely no previous experience or expertise is needed!

Also available is a CD-ROM of Backdrops, which contains instant scenery with digital backdrops supplied in both a PowerPoint presentation and as individual JPG files. No more scenery painting! These images may be projected onto a screen or wall at the back of your stage or hand them to a local printer to print onto large boards or sheets in order to create your stage backdrops. They're also useful to print off for cast and stage crew to familiarise themselves with the sets and scene changes. The CD-ROM of Backdrops contains a different backdrop for every scene change.

Approximate Duration: 60-80 minutes


1) Baghdad Bazaar
2) For The Very First Time
3) Baghdad Bazaar (Reprise)
4) Bongo Bandits
5) Humphrey
6) Genius Genie
7) Up, Up & Away
8) Bongo Bandits (Reprise)

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