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The Joy Of Sibelius

The Joy Of Sibelius
Media Type: Book Only
Media/Arrangement: Piano
Category: Piano and Keyboard
Publisher: Wise Publications
Order Code: AM1009294


Product Description

This collection of sheet music by the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius features 24 of his most enjoyable and influential pieces, all newly-arranged especially for this volume. The tonal innovations and idiosyncraticcompositional style of this hugely  prolific composer truly does illustrate the genuine Joy Of Sibelius.

The pieces by Sibelius included in this collection exhibit the influencesthat he absorbed as well as his own stylistic developments. Sibelius' music was highly individual, finding influence in nature and poetry, as well as other composers such as Wagner, Bruckner and Tchaikovsky. Many of hismost famous works are included here, featuring Danse Élégiaque, the 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op.101 and the finale of his Symphony No.5, Op.82.

Other pieces like selectionsfrom the 13 Morceaux, Impromptu, Op.78 No.1, Romance, Op.78 No.2, Suite Caractèristique, Op.100 and The Fiddler brilliantly encapsulate what makes Sibelius' compositions so wonderful.His tone poems, ideas about the thematic nature of symphonies and his musical contributions to the Finnish national identity have made him one of the most popular 20th century composers, with time and retrospect dismissing somecontemporary critics' opinions of him. With 2015 coinciding with Sibelius' 150th birthday, now is the perfect time to discover one of the giants of symphonic music, or to rediscover a favourite of manypianists.

The Joy Of... series is a constantly growing collection of musical editions that is now recognised and loved throughout the world. Originally compiled by the editorial hand ofrenowned teacher, arranger and musicologist Denes Agay, the series continues to reflect his influence and covers a wide variety of musical genres including the classics, folk, jazz, blues, ragtime and children’s music. New titles

Series: Joy Of
Pages: 96
Publisher: Wise Publications
First published: 2015
ISBN: 9781783056750


1) 13 Morceaux, Op.76 - Iii. Carillon
2) 13 Morceaux, Op.76 - V. Consolation
3) 13 Morceaux, Op.76 - Vii. Affettuoso
4) 13 Morceaux, Op.76 - Viii. Pièce Enfantine
5) 13 Morceaux, Op.76 - X. Elegiaco
6) 13 Morceaux, Op.76 - Xiii. Harlequinade
7) 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op.101 - I. Romance
8) 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op.101 - Ii. Chant Du Soir
9) 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op.101 - Iii. Scène Lyrique
10) 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op.101 - Iv. Humoresque
11) 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op.101 - V. Scène Romantique
12) 5 Morceaux, Op.75 - V. Le Sapin
13) 5 Morceaux, Op.85 - Iii. Iris
14) 5 Morceaux, Op.85 - V. Campanula
15) Danse Élégiaque (From Scaramouche, Op.71)
16) Impromptu, Op.78 No.1
17) Religioso, Op.78 No.3
18) Rigaudon, Op.78 No.4
19) Romance, Op.78 No.2
20) Suite Caractèristique, Op.100 - I. Vivo
21) Suite Champêtre, Op.98B - Ii. Mélodie Élégiaque
22) Suite Champêtre, Op.98B - Iii. Danse
23) Symphony No.5, Op.82 (Finale)
24) The Fiddler (From 5 Characteristic Impressions, Op.103)

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