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Alice the Musical (Junior Version) - By Mike Smith and Keith Dawson

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Alice the Musical Junior Version
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Musicline
Order Code: AMJ01

Bestseller KS2

‘The children loved peforming this show and the audience thought it was fabulous. Excellent lyrics and music - highly recommended’  - Teacher, UK.

Product Description

The nonsense of Wonderland is captured beautifully in this engaging, fast-paced and exciting production based on Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. It is visually appealing, humorous and has everything from high energy, catchy songs to touching tear jerkers.

All of the well known Wonderland characters appear in the show: The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, The Duchess, The King and Queen and, of course, the star of the show, Alice herself. Alice The Musical really brings Lewis Carroll's zany world to life and is a proven hit with teachers, parents and pupils alike.

The songs are all fully orchestrated with professional backing and vocal CDs available separately. The vocal CD includes a fully sung version of each track so that your children can learn them easily, then sing along to the delightfully arranged backing tracks when they are ready. Contains 20 speaking roles with an ideal cast size of 65, although may be performed with a minimum possible cast size of 34. Age range: Key Stage 2 (7-11 years).

A BRAND NEW product called "Sing it!" is also available to accompany Alice The Musical. This CD-ROM teaches the songs to the children without any teacher input. Children can use it at school or at home (think of the time it will save you!). Most schools use it in class on an interactive white board or in the school hall on the overhead projector to allow full cast practice. Children LOVE learning this way and the product is foolproof. Just give it to the children and they’ll do the rest.

Click here for more details about the new "Sing it!" CD-ROM (well worth watching).

Also available is a CD-ROM of Backdrops, which contains instant scenery with digital backdrops supplied in both a PowerPoint presentation and as individual JPG files. No more scenery painting! These images may be projected onto a screen or wall at the back of your stage or hand them to a local printer to print onto large boards or sheets in order to create your stage backdrops. They're also useful to print off for cast and stage crew to familiarise themselves with the sets and scene changes. The CD-ROM of Backdrops contains a different backdrop for every scene change.

Approximate Duration: 55-65 minutes


Cast List

*Alice (128)
*Duchess (46)
*White Rabbit (44)
Queen of Hearts (40)
*Mad Hatter (39)
King of Hearts (36)
Owl (21)
*Mock Turtle (20)
Lory (18)
Dodo (17)
Card Five (13)
Card Seven (13)
*Cheshire Cat (11)
Mouse (10)
*Cook (10)
*March Hare (10)
Eaglet (9)
*Dormouse (9)
Knave (8)
Duck (8)

(Bracketed numbers indicate the number of spoken lines. An asterisk (*) before the characters name indicates that this character ALSO has solo sung or rapped lines)

Non Speaking Roles include: Executioner, Female soloist, several cast members to carry on stage props, Animals, Twelve Jurors and Cards.

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