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Lemonade Kid - By Peter Fardell

Lemonade Kid
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Golden Apple
Order Code: GA11330

Bestseller KS2 CD

Product Description

The Lemonade Kid is a rootin'-tootin' Wild West musical, telling of a town being tamed against all odds by a plucky bar-girl and the only man brave enough not to carry a gun.

Eight great new songs including a hoe-down dance. An excellent, fun way of getting across a very serious message. Suitable for Key Stage 2 (7-11 years).

The accompanying CD includes demonstration and backing tracks of all the songs. The script (Pupil's Book) is available separately.

Approximate Duration: 45 mins


1) A Good Olí Bad Olí Time
2) Riding The Trail
3) You Donít Need A Gun To Change The World
4) The Lemonade Kid
5) One Eye Jack
6) Together All The Way
7) Waiting For Trouble
8) The Showdown Hoe-Down

Cast List

The Lemonade Kid (Brave and rather naÔve cowboy. Keeps lemonade bottle in his holster rather than a gun. Solo singing: Songs 2, 3, 5 (one spoken line), 6 and 7.)
Louisiana May (Warm hearted barmaid. More street-wise than The Lemonade Kid. Solo singing: Songs 6 and 7.)
Old Seth (Very old cowboy. Narrates story. No solo singing.)
One Eye Jack (Big, mean and very dangerous. Wears eye patch. No solo singing but does snarl a line in Song 5.)
Wayne, Dwane & Shane (Thuggish cowboys. Solo singing: Songs 4 and 5.))
Hank (Easily frightened. Stetson has three bullet holes. Ex-property owner. Sings in Song 3.)
Daisy (Married to Hank. Sings in Song 3.)
Sheriff (A good guy but a bit weak. Sings solo: reprise Song 4.)
Storekeeper (Honest and nervous. No solo singing.)
Western Townsfolk (A bit rough. Need to sing, dance and shout.)
Choir (Situated near to acting area. Dessed as Wild West characters (farmer, school teacher, blacksmith, golddigger etc.))

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