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Toddlers Make Music! (Ones and Twos) for Parents and their Toddlers (Book and CD) - Lynn Kleiner

Toddlers Make Music
Media/Arrangement: Melody Line, Lyrics and Chords
Category: Songbooks
Publisher: Faber Music
Order Code: IMP7829A

Pre-School CD

Product Description

Award-winning instructor and early childhood music pioneer Lynn Kleiner shares her innovative lesson plans for toddlers that capture the magical power and excitement of interactive musical learning.

Young children instinctively react to music. The variety of activities in this book (singing games, actions songs, dances, and musical activities using small percussion instruments) will stimulate their response to music.

This book was especially designed for the parents, to help them spend special musical time with your toddler.


1) Tips For Parents
2) Bell Horses
3) Bayushka Bayu
4) B-I-N-G-O
5) Come, My Friends
6) Criss Cross, Applesauce
7) The Fire Truck
8) Five Little Triangles
9) Goin’ On A Bike Ride
10) Goodbye Song
11) Gray Squirrel
12) Hello (Echo) Song
13) Jig Jog
14) Little Clown
15) Little Horses
16) Little Shoemaker
17) Magic Trick
18) Marching
19) Mother And Father And Uncle John
20) The Old Gray Cat
21) Owl Song
22) Rock-A-Bye, Baby
23) Rum Rum
24) Shake And Stop
25) Shake Those Belles
26) Shoe A Litlle Horse
27) Somebody’s Knockin’
28) Stars/Star Light
29) This Is A Way We Play
30) Up So High
31) Wiggley Woo


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