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Elves And The Shoemaker, The - Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole

The Elves And The Shoemaker
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Christmas/Winter Term Musical Play - Class Act Productions
Order Code: IMP9017A

Bestseller KS1 KS2 CD

Product Description

An enchanting Christmas Musical for young children to star in, learn from and enjoy. It is easy to stage for a class of 30 children ideally aged 6 to 9 (Upper Key Stage 1 / Lower Key Stage 2) and the story is based on a well-loved traditional tale, told through original lyrics and lively music to present a complete theatrical experience to a school.

Characters include poor shoemaker Stefan Sole, a band of mischievous elves & their lazy foreman Flipflop, town crier Toecap & his apprentices Mutter & Mumble, evil bailiff Slingback, Fairy Magigayle & Serena Stiletto who just can't resist buying shoes.

This nativity is fun and easy to teach and learn. Included in the pack are vital production pages, a script with stage directions, a publicity pack, a performance CD and a piano score with vocals and guitar chords.

Approximate Duration: 30 minutes


1) It’s Holiday Time!
2) Toecap’s Talking
3) Shoes
4) Sue’s Lament
5) Raising Your Rent
6) Sue’s Lament (Reprise)
7) Elves Rap
8) Magigayle’s Musical Spell
9) Morning’s Dawning
10) Serena Stiletto
11) Lucky Day
12) Elves Rap Again
13) Magigayle’s Musical Spell (Reprise)
14) Buy, Buy, Buy!
15) Toecap’s Talking Shoes
16) Elves Rap Again (Reprise)
17) When Someone’s Kind
18) It’s Holiday Time! (Finale)
19) Bows
20) When Someone’s Kind (Reprise)

Cast List

Cast List:
Stefan Sole - a good man on hard times (but he's still singing)
Sue Sole - Stefan's sweet-singing, business-minded 'solemate'
Toecap - a big-voiced town crier who moves the tale along and keeps order
Mutter - one of Toecap's dozy apprentices, with simple minimal lines
Mumble - apprentice number two. Mutter's never seen without Mumbles
Benjamin - Mr Candelabra, skilled maker of candles and candlesticks
Barbara - Benjamin's bossy wife
Donald Rump - a singing millionaire beef rancher from the state of Texas
Philly Meenyon - Donald's eyelash-fluttering, credit card-wielding lady
Sesame Seed - kindly Master Baker of the village of Leather Uppers
Poppy Seed - Sesame's industrious, strudel-baking wife
Darlene Deep - a tough, rich Australian opal mine owner
Doug Deep - Darlene's husband, an 'outback' man of very few words
Slingback - a 'heel' of a property developer with evil intentions
Bootlick - one of Slingback's cowardly bailiffs
Footpad - Bootlick's fellow henchman, a trainee bully
Magigayle - a good fairy, keeping Elves and the audience in order
Flipflop - lazy foreman, supervising from behind his newspaper
1st Elf - real Elf Leader with solo spoken lines and group songs
2nd Elf - can never find his pins but he's a hard worker
3rd Elf - an industrious Elf who likes to produce perfect stitches
4th Elf - a sensible Elf with 'chunky' lines to chant and sing
5th Elf - a streetwise Elf with a market trader's sales talent
6th Elf - an Elf with a military attitude to his work
Serena Stiletto - a little rich girl with showbiz aspirations
Instep - Serena's silent, mysterious bodyguard and manservant
Naughty Boy - he misbehaves - until Toecap sees him (non-speaking)
Naughty Girl - mischevious sister to Naughty Boy (non-speaking)
Grandma - she's watching you, Naughty Boy (non-speaking)
Grandpa - ability to snooze in a chair required. Er, Headmaster?
Narrator 1 - chosen from the Ensemble to lead the 'join-in' story
Narrator 2 - a key part of the warm-up act
Narrator 3 - encouraging the audience to put their 'sole' into it (sorry!)
Narrator 4 - helping the audience lose their inhibitions

Ensemble - divided into Group 1 and Group 2
Descant Singers - a group to add top notes to the opening number (could double as The Kitten Heels)
Candelabra children - five non-speaking parts, ideal for smaller children (but requiring a degree of manual dexterity!)
Seed children - five more small roles (with no solo lines to learn), but needing simple physical co-ordination
Royal party - ensemble members who become Stefan's rich and royal customers
The Kitten Heels - Serena Stiletto's backing singers (bluesy soul-singing ability and cool 'attitude' required)

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