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Good, The Bad and The Donkey, The - By Malcolm Sircom

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The Good The Bad And The Donkey
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: Nativity Musical Play - Musicline
Order Code: LDJ01


‘This proved ideal for our small Primary School - an easy set for a small stage!’  - DS, Teacher.

Product Description

Another light-hearted, feel-good Musical nativity from the same stable (no pun intended!) as The Little Shepherd.

Once again we have a dancing Doris - this time its Doris the Donkey. The Good are a band of Angels out to thwart the Bad, a group of Devils bent on wrecking the Nativity. Some industrial espionage in the Devil's ranks make sure that the Angels win through. There will be no problem in fitting in as many children as you want into the cast - in fact, if you have less than 30 available you may be struggling.

This highly original and entertaining treatment, which children will love to perform and staff to produce, is both funny and moving and is backed by a score as tuneful as its predecessor.

Approximate Duration: 45 minutes


Cast List

Angels (1 to 8)
Devils (1 to 8)
Little Devil
Narrators (1 to 4)
Caesar Augustus
Caesar's Wife
Placard Boy or Girl
Doris the Donkey (1 or 2 people)
David, a Shepherd Boy
A Tax Inspector
The Innkeeper
The Innkeeper's Wife
Shepherd's Wives
Wisemen (1 to 3)
Guests at the Inn (Reveller 1 to 8)

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