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Little Snoring Sheet Music Notes Design Memo Pad Notebook

Little Snoring Sheet Music Notes Memo Pad Notebook
Media/Arrangement: This item is a Music Gift
Order Code: LSN0040


Product Description

With it's bold black and white design featuring music notes and staves, this pocket-sized notebook would make an ideal practical gift for any music enthusiast, friend, relative, student or teacher - or simply keep to use for yourself!

Each handy-sized notebook features a cardboard flip cover and is small enough to be kept in a hand bag or pocket. Each notebook page features a delicate musical motif in the bottom right hand corner.

Ideal for making notes, memos, telephone messages, shopping lists etc. Approximate size of each Notebook: 140mm x 80mm. Presented in a protective clear cellophane wrapper. The perfect addition to the desk of any musician!


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