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Rock Around Christmas - By Dave Corbett

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Rock Around Christmas
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: Nativity Musical Play - Musicline
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‘Our Juniors loved this modern take on the Nativity story; for the first time ever, the boys actually wanted to sing the songs.’  - EW, Year Two Teacher, South London Primary School.

Product Description

The Nativity story updated! Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem but encounter mishaps along the way. When their old Skoda breaks down and they discover that their hotel has been double booked, they are forced to stay in a kindly Zoo Keeper’s office next to his stable where Mary gives birth to baby Jesus.

Meanwhile, a group of ‘not so wise’ Stargazers set out to see the baby king in their Transit van with gifts from Argos. Herod calls on his bumbling Royal Action Team to find the baby King and Angel Gabriel delivers a special message to a group of Shepherds while they wash their socks at night!

A modern take on a 2000 year old story, complete with Gabriel the ‘Rapping Archangel’, incompetent government ministers and mobile phones. Contains 32 speaking roles and any number of chorus parts. Catchy, memorable, toe tapping songs and easily contructed props. Separate CDs of vocal and backing tracks and Piano Score also available. Extensive production notes are included in the script. A great alternative Nativity with terrific humour that parents, pupils and teachers will love!

A BRAND NEW product called "Sing it!" is available for this musical. This CD-ROM can teach the songs to the children without any teacher input. Children can use it at school or at home (think of the time it will save you!). Most schools use it in class on an interactive white board or in the school hall on the overhead projector to allow full cast practice. This latest version allows Lyrics on or off, Vocals on or off and the facility to practise one line at a time - all features are accessible instantly with one click. Children LOVE learning this way and the product is foolproof.

Click here for more details about the new "Sing it!" CD-ROM (well worth watching).

Also available is a CD-ROM of Backdrops, which contains instant scenery with digital backdrops supplied in both a PowerPoint presentation and as individual JPG files. No more scenery painting! These images may be projected onto a screen or wall at the back of your stage or hand them to a local printer to print onto large boards or sheets in order to create your stage backdrops. They're also useful to print off for cast and stage crew to familiarise themselves with the sets and scene changes. The CD-ROM of Backdrops contains a different backdrop for every scene change.

Another new product is AudioScript, an "Audio Book" style read-through of the entire show performed by professional voice actors. The AudioScript is supplied on a CD and teaches each child their lines, when to perform them and most importantly, HOW to perform them. The copy and repeat method is simply the best and quickest way to learn. You can listen to a sample of the AudioScript product in the "Contents/Songlist" section below.

Approximate Duration: 45 minutes


1) Mary, Mary
2) Bethlehem
3) Almost There
4) Magi, May I?
5) Wannabe
6) No Room At The Inn
7) Shepherd Shuffle
8) Long Ago
9) AudioScript Sample (optional extra - see Product Description for more details)

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