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Robin Hood And Friends - By Debbie Campbell

Robin Hood And Friends
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Debbie Campbell
Order Code: MGM10001


Product Description

A heartwarming musical show by Debbie Campbell, based on the well-known tale of the legendary Robin Hood. Suitable for all ages (key stages 1-4, ages 5-16).

Based on the well-known folk story, this lively musical explores the relationships between Robin Hood and friends - Maid Marion, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck, the Little Johns and the Hot Shot Team - as they confront their enemies, the Sheriff of Nottingham and evil Prince John.

Swash-buckling fights alternate with sensitive moments and dungeon scenes contrast with riotous feasting and dancing. Thirteen songs and dances explore a wide diversity of musical styles including folk, ballad, rock‘n roll, blues and waltz. Cross curricular aspects include language, literature, history, citizenship, music, dance, drama, art and design.

Approximate Duration: 60-90 minutes


1) Robin Hood - Minstrels
2) What Do You Spy? - Prince John, Courtiers, Witch, Chorus
3) Sheriff Of Nottingham - Peasants
4) Forever Friends - Will Scarlet & Robin Hood
5) Great Big Little John - Mrs Little John & Children
6) Roly Poly Friar - Friar Tuck
7) Eat, Drink And Be Merry - Chorus
8) My Own Career - Maid Marion
9) Hot Shot Team - Hot Shot Team
10) Locked-Up Blues - Hot Shot Team
11) Marry Me - Robin Hood
12) Medley - All

Cast List

Flexible cast size with 30 to 35 evenly distributed speaking/singing parts and choruses:
Robin Hood* (Egbert the Sure)
Godfrey of Sherwood
Will Scarlett*
Maid Marian*
Hot Shot Team*: George-a-Greene, Nat the Weaver, Arthur-a-Bland, Gilbert-of-the-White-Hand, Goodie Bodkin, Liza Dumpling, Agnes Charmwart, Sadie Stubblestraw, Friar Tuck*, Little John, Mrs Little John*, Little John Children, Much the Miller, Witches*
King Richard Lion-Heart
Prince John*
Sheriff of Nottingham*
Sir Guy of Gisbourne
Walter of Weybridge
Courtiers Allin-a-Dale and Minstrels*, Crusaders, Saracens, Leopold of Austria’s Jailers and Guards, Saxon Peasants, Woodland Folk, Deer

* denotes solo/small group singing part

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