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Nativity (Ages 5 to 11) - By Mike Smith and Keith Dawson

Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: Nativity Musical Play - Musicline
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Product Description

What if Herod had managed to get his way and prevent Jesus from growing up to be the Saviour? That is the question behind this Nativity celebrating two thousand years of Christianity.

Herod is advised by his sages of the birth of the Saviour King, but he seems unconcerned about a baby. The sages then take him on a trip through history showing him the works and miracles of Jesus and the spread of Christianity.

The story finalises with the fall of Rome and children in schools in the year two thousand, celebrating Christmas, much to Herods annoyance! Brilliant songs that the children will love to sing again and again are evident.

Approximate Duration: 50 minutes


1) Glory to The Lord
2) Christmastime
3) What Am I Saving Them From?
4) The Life of Christ
5) Lord Give Me Time
6) Murdoch
7) What Will Become of You?
8) Christmastime

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Cast List

Shem, A Shepherd
Benjamin, A Shepherd
Daniel, A Shepherd
David, A Young Shepherd
Gabriel, Archangel
Herod, The Ruler
Sage 1 }
Sage 2 } Prophets or seers
Sage 3 }
Man 1
Man 2
Man 3
Saul (Later becomes Paul)
Crowd Usher
Monk 1
Monk 2
Monk 3
Monk 4
Monk 5
Monk 6
Wiseman 1
Wiseman 2
Wiseman 3
Chorus of Angels
Paul’s followers (Early Christians)

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