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Big Momma - By Debbie Campbell

Big Momma
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Debbie Campbell
Order Code: NOV070508


Product Description

A moving story for unison voices and piano imagining the thoughts of a baby elephant separated from its family and transported from the wilds of Africa to a zoo a long way from home.

A family of African elephants, led and cared for by the matriarch, Big Momma, happily spend their days walking, bathing, feeding and playing. This idyllic way of life is suddenly destroyed when ivory poachers attack.

When Erica, the baby, is separated from the herd, she is rescued by gamekeepers, and transported by jumbo jet to a zoo. Her keepers are her only family now and her days are spent sadly looking at the crowds that come to view her for their entertainment.

But elephants never forget and Erica can’t stop pining for her family. Will she ever see them again? Two Rangers have just arrived at the gate, asking for a young elephant brought here as a baby ...

Suitable for Key Stages 2-3 (ages 7-14). Eleven songs and dances explore a wide diversity of musical styles including classical, jazz, waltz, ballad, some simple 2-part harmony. Cross curricular aspects include science, ecology, geography, citizenship, social education, language, music, dance, drama, art and design. A splendid piece for end-of-term performance that also provides an excellent basis for classroom activity.

Approximate Duration: 45-60 minutes


Cast List

Flexible cast with 20 to 40 Solo speaking & Group singing parts (ideal cast size 25–35+):
Erica as a young elephant with her family: Chivia (sister)*, Leuco & Fynbros (brothers)*, Aunt Acacia*, Karoo (cousin*), Big Momma*
The Tuskers: Big Papa, Uncle Trunkle, Crooked Tusk (non-speaking), Mighty Musk (non-speaking), Grandpa Jagged Scar
Two Game Park Rangers and their team
Zoo Keepers One and Two (non-speaking)
Rhinoceros (non-speaking)
Cheetah (non-speaking)
Lion (non-speaking)
Choruses: Children, Zoo Animals, Wild Animals

* denotes solo/small group singing part

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