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77 Rounds And Canons (For 4 Voices) - Kenneth Simpson

77 Rounds And Canons
Media/Arrangement: Voice
Category: Songbooks
Publisher: Music Sales
Order Code: NOV192021

Bestseller KS2 KS3

Product Description

This collection is divided into ten sections: music, learning music, times and seasons, Christmas, greetings, gusto, drollery, getting around, birds and beasts and miscellanea.

Most of the items are musically straightforward and of moderate compass.


1) Viva La Musica
2) Let The Sound
3) Music Makes Glad
4) Thy Voice, O Harmony
5) One, Two, Three
6) As A Favour
7) Solfeggio
8) Sing High Dohí
9) The Pupilís Complaint
10) The Teacherís Reply
11) Sound For Us
12) The Mumblerís Round
13) Wake Up! The Dayís Begun
14) Now Goodnight
15) Abide With Us
16) Across The Lake
17) The Winterís Away
18) Hey Ding-A-Ding
19) Come, Let Us All
20) Summer Is A-Comming In
21) Harvest Home!
22) Winter Has Come
23) Christmas Is Coming
24) And The Glory
25) See, Where A Rose
26) For Unto Us
27) Glory Be To God
28) Happy Birthday
29) We Wish You
30) Birthday Greetings
31) Bloom Of Beauty
32) Life Is For Living
33) Letís Drink And Sing
34) Now Robin
35) Hey Ho To The Greenwood
36) Something Inside Me
37) Tableís Set
38) Now We Are Met
39) Some Say Welshmen Never Sing
40) The Accident
41) Somethingís Wrong
42) No Iím Not Talking
43) The Metronome Round
44) If I Know
45) Why Shouldnít My Goose
46) Now Who Will Ferry Us
47) My Paddleís Keen And Bright
48) Barcarolle
49) Horse To Trot
50) As I Me Walked
51) Cuckoo Good Neighbours
52) Sweet The Pleasure
53) Here We Come
54) Where Is John
55) My Dame Hath A Lame, Tame, Crane
56) Iíll Take My Fiddle
57) Oh The Pretty Little Mill
58) Poor Men Take Courage
59) Oh That The Salvation
60) I Am Well Pleased
61) Hot Mutton Pies
62) Water Clear
63) The Trawlers Are Home
64) Jack Boy
65) Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask
66) Bugles Calling
67) Wind From The North
68) Heave Ho
69) All Into Service
70) Attend My People
71) Glory To God
72) Give Peace On Earth
73) Ding Dong Bell
74) Ave Maria
75) Non Nobis Domine

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