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The New Novello Book Of Short And Easy Anthems For Upper Voices

The New Novello Book Of Short And Easy Anthems For Upper Voices
Media Type: Score Only
Media/Arrangement: SSA, Piano Accompaniment
Category: Accompaniment
Publisher: Novello and Co
Order Code: NOV295031


Product Description

The New Novello Book Of Short & Easy Anthems For Upper Voices is a wonderful collection and an invaluable resource for Upper Voice choirs who have the desire to sing a variety of beautiful anthems, but who have an unfortunately limited amount of rehearsal time. Selected and edited by David Hill , this collection includes anthems that are easy to learn, enjoyable to sing but also sound simply fantastic. Some works included in this collection are universally-loved, pieces like Ave Maria  by Marcel Dupré, The Lord's Prayer by John Tavener and James Whitbourn's wonderful A Prayer Of Desmond Tutu . Despite the title of Short And Easy , these pieces are anything but mundane or tired, they are all exciting, versatile and enjoyable, making this collection perfect for any choir. The collection is an antidote to the fact that many choirs have to rehearse on a limited time, with limited resources. Learning from this collection is quick and efficient, but the songs don't compromise in beauty. A review from the September 2015 issue of Sunday by Sunday from the Royal School of Church Music says that "He [David Hill] has surely succeeded here, offering a collection of church music that is worthy, interesting, effective and can be learned quickly. It is wholeheartedly recommended!" With a range of styles, and settings for Eucharist and Evensong, this collection offers a carefully-chosen diversity for Upper Voice Choirs large and small. With James Davy's Sun Of My Soul, Philip Moore's Listen To The Song Of The Children and Elizabeth Poston's The Dormouse's Carol , the selection here is brilliant, including pieces for all occasions and events throughout the year. This makes Short And Easy Anthems  indispensable for Upper Voice Choirs and directors who will instantly be able to draw from a wealth of songs that can be learnt quickly. The works here include simple unison settings, while most of them can be performed with some flexible scoring, allowing the music to be opened up to wider choirs. Featuring a vast number of anthems that can be learnt and sung quickly, The New Novello Book Of Short & Easy Anthems  gives Upper Voice choirs a grand selection of songs that will prevent a reliance on the same ones. Whether your choir is large or small, the music contained within this collection is perfect for beautifully versatile melodies that can be learned very easily.


1) A Prayer Of Desmond Tutu [Whitbourn, James]
2) A Thin Place [Wikeley, Jonathan]
3) An Advent Responsory [Rose, Barry]
4) Ave Maria [Dupré, Marcel]
5) Beati Omnes [Jeffcoat, Rupert]
6) Draw Near With Faith [Miller, Peter]
7) Easter Troparion [Russian Orthodox]
8) Evening Hymn [Roberts, Keith]
9) Fauxbourdon Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis [Owens, Matthew]
10) Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost [Roberts, Keith]
11) Joseph Fili David [Owens, Matthew]
12) Listen To The Song Of The Children [Moore, Philip]
13) Lord, Be Thy Word My Rule [Davy, James]
14) Lord, I Am Not Worthy To Receive you [Miller, Peter]
15) Missa Eudora [Jeffcoat, Rupert]
16) O Salutaris Hostia [Jones, Meirion Wynn]
17) O Trinity! O Unity! [Jeffcoat, Rupert]
18) Preces And Responses [Terry, David]
19) Psalm 23 [Wikeley, Jonathan]
20) Salve Regina [Berkeley, Lennox]
21) Sun Of My Soul [Davy, James]
22) Tantum Ergo [Liszt, Franz]
23) Tantum Ergo [Terry, David]
24) The Dormouse’s Carol [Poston, Elizabeth]
25) The Lord’s Prayer [Tavener, John]
26) There Is A River [Burtonwood, Stephen]
27) Why Do I Use My Paper, Ink And Pen? [Byrd, William]
28) Xicochi [Fernandes, Gaspar]

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