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On the Trail of the One Blue Sock - By Gawen Robinson and Stephen Robertson

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On the Trail of the One Blue Sock
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Musicline
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‘Great tunes and a very interesting poetical presentation. The kids were soon singing along to the musical ideas. Anything that encourages friendship and putting things away, at the same time, can't be bad. Good luck. ’  - ER, UK.

Product Description

On the Trail of the One Blue Sock is a simple tale in the form of a poem with lively, fun songs added to spice up the performance. Every day objects (a boxing glove, a shower, a clothes horse, a microwave, an iron and a water timer etc.) become colourful characters as our hero searches through the house for a single blue sock that has gone missing.

In the search for the one blue sock we find that 'life is much better being a pair' and 'things are always where you put them'. This is surely good advice for everyone. Additionally just 'being friends is all we ever need' is another poetical message, which would stand anyone in good stead. Everyone can join in the stampede and the search with their friends for new friends.

On the Trail of the One Blue Sock finds different characters helping each other and being successful in their collective search. The chorus should perform alongside the action adding their voices to the plot and sharing the adventure.

Approximate Duration: 30 minutes


1) Tick Tock
2) Wild and Woolly Day
3) Here and There
4) Fist, Palm, Clench, Shake
5) Here and There (Reprise)
6) One Blue Sock Stampede
7) The Timer Tick-Tock
8) Here and There (Reprise)
9) One Blue Sock Stampede (Reprise)

Product Samples

Cast List

Water Timer
One Glove
Clothes Horse
Micro Waver
One Glove's Partner
The Tick Tock Chorus (as many as you like)
The Stampede Chorus (loads)

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