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Christmas Stars! - A Nativity Musical by Sheila Wilson

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Christmas Stars
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: Nativity Musical Play - Redhead Music
Order Code: SWCST271

Bestseller KS1 KS2

‘Year 6 pupils are doing this nativity play and think it is very funny and we hope everyone who reads/acts this play will enjoy it as much as year six have!’  - KK, St. Benedicts C of E VA Junior School.

Product Description

This fun new Christmas musical has God auditioning all the traditional characters for the Nativity. But there are no losers (apart from Herod!) and the musical ends with a beautiful tableau scene. It is suitable for KS1+ and 2, or all KS1 ages if your staff and children are confident. It is set for a cast of approximately 30, but can be freely adapted for more or less. Permission is given for the play to be adapted as well (and KS1 suggestions are included).

In the musical, two angels (Ish and Reub) watch God choosing the characters for His Big Plan, and we (the audience) watch with them as the nativity story unfolds. There is quite a bit of gentle humour, which the children and their parents will enjoy, but the poignancy of the Nativity comes through too, and the show finishes with two (optional) Bible verses before the hand-jiving finale.

This musical is ideal for schools and churches. The CD provides songs and beautiful backing tracks.

Approximate Duration: 35 minutes


1) The Xmas Factor
2) A Cooler Ruler
3) It’s Going To Be Three!
4) Promises Made
5) Heaven Has Opened
6) All That’s Pending (Is The Ending)

Cast List

Reub and Ish - angel hosts
God (wearing a 'God' T-shirt, or white robes)
Herod (with crown)
Cast 'extras' dressed in show costumes (optional)
Carpenters (4, but can be more or less)
Innkeepers (minimum 2)
Innkeeper who has a stable
Bethlehem Revellers (optional)
Animals (optional)
Three Wise Men
Other clever people! ('boffins', perhaps) (optional)
Herod's Soldiers (optional)
Little Christmas Stars (dressed as stars and holding little stars)
Little Angels (dressed angelically)
Shepherds (any number)
Heavenly Hosts (could be the Little Angels)
Two Special Angels (could be more)

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