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A Dozen A Day: Book One - Primary Edition (Book And CD)

A Dozen A Day Book One Primary Edition Book And CD
Media Type: Book and CD
Media/Arrangement: Piano
Category: Tutors
Publisher: Willis Music
Order Code: WMR100969


Product Description

Now available as a book and CD edition.

Pre-practice technical exercises for the Piano.

The purpose of this book is to help develop strong hands and flexible fingers. The idea is to learn two or three exercisesat a time, which should be played each day before practicing. Only when these are mastered should you add another. When all in the first group are mastered, the next group may be introduced. Many of these exercises may betransposed to different keys.

The accompanying CD is a wonderful tool for enhancing these exercises with highly acclaimed midi-orchestrated backing tracks - learning becomes so much fun!

Each track is splittoenable the pupil to hear both Piano part and accompaniment is the balance is centred, the accompaniment without the Piano is the balance control is all the way to the left, and the Piano part alone if it is all the way to theright!
An ideal accompaniment to practice.

Series: A Dozen a Day
Genre: Method
Language: English
Publisher: Willis Music
ISBN: 9781847726414


1) At The Circus
2) Dance Of The Toys
3) Drifting Clouds
4) Oriental Market-place
5) Queen’s Minuet
6) Sliding In The Snow
7) Summertime Blues
8) Swinging Sioux


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