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Transferring the rolex replica Summit to Mont-Blanc

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We are tired and satisfied so we go to the Lo Tata restaurant, located in La Petite Golette, La Thuile. Here we try the best local cuisine, which includes authentic Italian pizzas, pastas, and meats. The local wines were excellent and made us smile all the way to our hotel. The Summit doesn't count calories.

Pre-Saint-Didier's thermal baths

Alberto takes us on a hike up to Rutor Falls, which is home to three of the most stunning waterfalls in Aosta Valley. The Rutor torrent, which is fed by several small lakes at Rutor's north-west edge, creates the falls.omega de ville replica We will be walking through some of Northern Italy's most beautiful scenery. The walk also includes traces of La Thuile's history, including its old silver and coal mines.

After returning to the Nira Montana hotel, I go down to the spa to relieve my sore legs. I have taken a dip in the indoor pool, as well as some steam and bubbles, and I feel quite hungry. I open the Four-Square City app on my Summit phone. It allows me to search for interesting places in the world while traveling. I look at the places I want to visit, and then suddenly a text message appears on the dial. "We are meeting in lobby at 7pm for dinner at Les Granges." So I hit the quick reply button and "I'm on my route."

The Les Granges restaurant in the area is a place where we eat too much, but the food is so good that we can't resist. The owner suggests a Coupe de l'amitie. The owner suggests a Coupe de l'amitie.Rolex Replica Watches I don't know what it is so I use my voice activated translator function to find out. However, I am still not sure. I am told by my host that this is a local tradition. A large wooden cup filled with hot liquor is shared around the table. It is forbidden to put the cup down or stop drinking after it has been finished. It probably wasn't a good idea considering we were going to be trying the downhill mountain-bike course the next morning,butourfriendship was sealed!

We discover the next day that La Thuile has 220km of trails and is one of Europe's best mountain bike parks. It hosted the fourth leg of both the 2014 and 2016 Enduro World Series. It was the location for the fourth leg of the Enduro World Series in both 2014 and 2016. Two cable cars, the Bosco Express or Chalet Express, take bikers up to an elevation of 2,600m.

The snow is still on the ground at the top and the wind blows hard. Our guide,rolex replica Luca from Scuola Di MTB La Thuile takes us down one of the more difficult downhill trails. It is a thrilling experience to speed down the mountain. Our Norco Range Carbon mountain bikes have front disc brakes that make even an untrained rider feel good.

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