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School Pantomime Scripts and Plays

Cinders - By Nick Cornall
For ages 7 to 11

The traditional pantomime rags-to-riches story of Cinderella, retold with wit and humour and with some unexpected twists. The Fairy Godmother is not quite what one would expect, nor is the method of Cinders' arrival at the Ball - on piggyback provided by Buttons!
Prices from: £3.99
Dick Whittington - By Debbie Campbell
For ages 5 to 14

Folklore has it that, plagued by rats and bullied by the Fitzwarren's housekeeper, Dick acquires a clever cat that gets rid of the rats and then sells itself to an exotic Barbary Queen. Eventually the cat returns to Dick, bringing him untold riches and success. Whether this is true or not, a memorial to Dick Whittington and his cat still stands on Highgate Hill!
Prices from: £18.00
Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum! - By Andrew Richardson
For ages 7 to 14

9 reviews
This action packed panto brings the story of Jack and the Beanstalk right up to date, with a hilarious script, colourful characters and irresistible songs. Jack has to overcome a terrible fear of heights - a bit of a problem when it comes to climbing a beanstalk!
Prices from: £39.50
Hansel And Gretel - By Nick Cornall
For ages 7 to 11

Hansel and Gretel is suitable for performance at any time of the year in primary schools and is full of Nick's original humour - with some unexpected twists to the well-known story.
Prices from: £4.99
Jack And The Beanstalk - By Nick Cornall
For ages 7 to 14

The well-known story of Jack and his pursuit of success and riches is retold in verse and dialogue with a rather different Giant - he is only 3 feet 8 inches tall!
Prices from: £4.74
Panto Pandemonium - By Ruth Kenward
For ages 7 to 14

1 review
A hilarious battle between good and evil that all takes place in Pantoland, to a soundtrack of fantastic music in a wide variety of styles. Your children will absolutely love putting on Panto Pandemonium - and it's even been known for school staff to put the show on themselves! There's an array of traditional panto characters (Jack, the Giant, Aladdin, Cinderella, Ugly Sisters, Seven Dwarfs and even a Pantomime Cow) and plenty of booing, hissing and 'behind you' for everyone to enjoy. All in all, Panto Pandemonium is great fun for audience and performers alike.
Prices from: £38.50
Puss In Boots - By Nick Cornall
For ages 5 to 11

A witty and innovative version of the well-known and much-loved pantomime story. Puss In Boots helps the hero, Edwin, to win the hand of the fair princess, by scaring away the nastiest ogre ever, who is allergic to cats!
Prices from: £5.99
Sleeping Beauty's Dream - By Nick Toczek
For ages 5 to 11

Sleeping Beauty's Dream is a fun and flexible panto, including popular songs for everyone to sing and parts for all. With all the traditional elements of the classic pantomime story, this retelling also introduces a host of other well-known characters and some novel twists.
Prices from: £5.65

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