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Olivia! (A Female Oliver!) (Senior School Musical) - By Malcolm Sircom
For ages 11 to 16

2 reviews
This brilliant and innovative show, set in Victorian times, traces the steps of Olivia, from downtrodden orphan to star of the stage. On her journey to the bright lights of London, she is befriended by Eliza Doolittle (from "My Fair Lady") and, after a series of adventures, becomes a singer in a new Gilbert and Sullivan show, thanks to the unlikely assistance of Fagin and The Artful Dodger.
Pied Viper, The - By Debbie Campbell
For ages 11 to 16
Remember Robert Browning’s tragic poem, The Pied Piper of Hamelin? Well, in this musical version, the problem isn’t rats, it’s drugs. But the Mayor is still preoccupied with his own wheeler dealing to listen to complaints from locals about the lack of resources for education and play spaces for kids. And he certainly isn’t aware that his own son, Tommy is drug dealing outside the school gates.

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