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Stagecoach Other Useful Material and Resources

Here are a selection of resources that you may find useful (none of the authors of material on this page have any arrangements with Stagecoach Head Office):

275 Acting Games by Gavin Levy
Here's a thoroughly handy new resource which provides what it says on the tin - 275 performance-tested acting games, exercises and challenges compiled from numerous workshops and study sessions.

Includes a wide variety of proven activities for learning acting and theatre industry skills. The book is divided into thirty sections including: Audition, Concentration and Focus, Voice, Ensemble, Action and Reaction, Improvisation, Knowing Your Objective, Performance, Thinking outside the Box, Spatial Awareness, Nonverbal Communication, Making Choices, Releasing Inhibitions, The Physical Actor and many more.

This is an adaptable workbook designed to connect the learning of acting skills with professional auditions and the theatre industry. The purpose of this book is to give acting teachers the tools they will need, not just to play a game or to teach an exercise, but also to understand the reason they are doing so, as well as the practical benefits of each exercise. This book will also enable acting teachers to hold group discussions when necessary, and guide them on how to ask students leading questions.

Acting Tips by Ann Sutherland
Ann works closely with Stagecoach and has created a collection of tried and tested acting tips suitable for ages 12+.

Originally, these were written to be used with older students in that 'gap' between finishing at Stagecoach and going on to drama school but she is currently working with a 10 year old who has found the suggestions invaluable.

This collection is available direct from Ann as a CD (Microsoft Word version of the book) which can be read on-screen or printed out as you wish. Your students and teachers should find this a very useful resource from an experienced actor, writer and tutor.

For more details and to purchase, please contact Ann on telephone +44 (0)1460 30473.

Advent Journey
Ken Pickering's Advent Journey is a 45-minute show featuring characters and action based around the windows of an Advent calendar as they open in the days approaching Christmas.  Accompanying backing track 2-CD set of songs and instrumentals also available.

Fame Idle
Fame Idle is the story of three kids who are confused why everyone around them seem obsessed by celebrity culture and they are not.

It's a musical comedy with a moral message: "Fame ain't all it's cracked up to be". It has a modern contemporary score and a witty script that follows Bobby, P.J. and Smudge as they discover what friendship really means when faced with a chance of fame - but at what cost?

It was created by the writers to fulfil a need for a good musical that could be performed by children, as against a "kid's show". Suitable for Stages 2 and 3.

Introducing Oscar
2 Musical plays of Oscar Wilde's timeless and well-loved stories for children, 'The Selfish Giant' and 'The Happy Prince', by Veronica Bennetts.  Accompanying backing track 2-CD set also available.

The Land of Sometimes
The Land of Sometimes is a magical new musical show applicable to all Stagecoach stages with some scope for Early Stages too.

The musical adventure is set 'over the ocean far away, in a magical place where four seasons pass in one day – and everyone who lives there has a song'.

Characters include the Wish Collector and the Chameleon Catcher.  Musical styles include reggae, disco, Irish folk, New Orleans jazz – and poetry.

Package includes script, score, backing tracks (with performances by Jools Holland's horn section) and a memory stick of artwork and backdrops.  Running time 30-40 minutes.  This production has excellent reviews on their website!

Magic Parrot Productions UK
For more primary school plays and musical drama scripts. Owner Freddie Green is extremely flexible about making adaptations of the works he publishes.

Relax Kids
Relax Kids specialise in CDs, books, DVDs and cards containing visualisations and meditations to help relax children. These products could be used at the start or end of your sessions. They have material to fit in with your themes including Wizards and Superheroes.

They have an interactive website with plenty of articles and relevant info, so if this is something you'd like to know more about, visit or call 01865 892677. They're based in Oxfordshire. The company is owned by Marneta Viegas and they were at the National Yoga Show in November 2009 where they met a number of Stagecoach teachers and principals who expressed an interest in their range.

School Play Productions Ltd
Especially created to promote theatrical work for performance by youth groups and schools, now publishing over 140 plays and musicals covering the whole age range up to age 19.

Tailor-Made Musicals
Tailor-Made Musicals, for contemporary musicals written especially for the youth of today. These shows are original and exciting. They are easy to rehearse and there is a complete show, from score to script and backing track, ready to download. Suitable for primary, middle and secondary schools, high schools, theatre and performing arts schools, drama clubs, amateur and youth groups.

Treasure Island
Treasure Island by Stephen Kingsbury is a lively, contagious 90-minute show in 2 acts containing 12 catchy songs.

Virgin Warrior
Virgin Warrior is a major new rock-based musical focussing around the life of Joan of Arc, ideal if you're looking for a major undertaking on the scale of an Easy Stages show. The writers, Zig Byfield and Peter Perchard, sell their material in a substantial pack including 20 CDs, 50 posters etc., so if that's what you need, have a look.

In the Wardrobe
In the Wardrobe is an exclusive costume service for Stagecoach franchisees. Their aim is to help you by providing costumes for your end of term presentations, holiday workshops, Her Majesty's and regional events plus any performances or events that your school may take part in.

For more details, visit or contact Charlie via e-mail to or telephone +44 (0)7973 146628.

A Whitechapel Tale
A Whitechapel Tale by Mike Lewis from Spotlight Productions could be an ideal show for your Stage 3s and beyond to get their teeth into! Their rates are very reasonable (as they are a non-profit making group) and a double CD and DVD of the show is also available (see clips below):
  1. Dangerous Game
  2. The Ballad Of Annie Crook
Mike Lewis invites you to contact him via the website or via e-mail ( or telephone +44 (0)1480 433414 if you have any queries regarding this show or would like to discuss this show with him in more detail.

Zeamu Music
Authentic, original pop music with lyrics specifically written for kids. Zeamu Music provide music for children without the worry of exposing them to music with adult themes, that's good enough for the adults to listen to as well. It's pop music that has been written for kids, will be sung by kids and that kids can identify with and take ownership of.

A great alternative to mainstream pop music, with cool original pop tunes and lyrics about topics kids think and care about, suitable for all Stagecoach schools.

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