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All The Songs You'll Ever Need To Create Your Own Christmas Musical - For Piano, Voice and Guitar

All The Songs Youll Ever Need To Create Your Own Christmas Musical
Media/Arrangement: Voice and Piano
Category: Songbooks
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Order Code: 3612479

Bestseller KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 CD

Product Description

Probably never seen under one cover before - a patchwork collection of 80 festive songs from which to pick and mix your own Christmas musical!

To help with music selection, there is a really useful index at the back of the book which suggests how each song might be used. For example, if you have a surfeit of travellers (and which school doesn’t?), hey presto! there are five songs which will be ideal for moving all those bodies from one side of the stage to the other. If the innkeeper wants to add to his script, there’s a song especially for him. Snowmen, Santa and Stars will be delighted there is music just for them too.

With this collection, all the important moments of the Christmas story are provided for, with something for each key stage. A musical feast is guaranteed, with as much or as little dialogue as you might want to add. Also available is a 5-CD set containing backing tracks of every song in this book (order code 1490426).


1) A New Star
2) A Song Of Christmas
3) All The Beds Are Full
4) Angels Dance And Sing
5) Angels In The Sky
6) Animals Like Stables
7) Be My Friend
8) Christmas Cards
9) Come On And Celebrate!
10) Come To The Stable
11) Come With Us 1
12) Come With Us 2
13) Country Dance
14) Do Not Be Afraid
15) Don’t Be Too Busy For Christmas
16) Donkey, Donkey, Don’t You Stop
17) Dream, Joseph, Dream
18) Fuss In The Farmyard
19) Getting Ready For Christmas
20) Gloria!
21) Glory To God
22) Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh
23) Good News
24) Hail To Our King!
25) Here We Are In Bethlehem
26) Hurry, Do
27) Hush-A-Bye Baby
28) Imagine That You Here There
29) In The Days Of Emperor Augustus
30) It’s A Time
31) Just Keep Travelling On
32) Last Night I Had A Dream
33) Listen To Our Story
34) Little Angels
35) Look At The Stars
36) Lullaby
37) Magnificat
38) Mary And The Angel
39) Mary’s Secret
40) Mary’s Song
41) Midnight
42) No Room
43) Reindeer Blues
44) Ring Out The Christmas Bells
45) Robin
46) Roll On, Christmas Day
47) Santa, Oh Santa!
48) See How The Snowflakes Are Falling
49) See The Shepherds
50) Shepherd Rock
51) Sing A Song Of Christmas
52) Snowy, The Snowman
53) So Many People
54) Song Of The Astrologers
55) Song Of The Toys
56) Star Song
57) The Angel Gabriel’s Song
58) The Angels Wake The Shepherds
59) The Angels’ Song (Barry Hart)
60) The Angels’ Song (Kevin Duncan)
61) The Best Gift
62) The Carpenters’ Union
63) The Christmas Dream
64) The First Christmas Night
65) The Innkeeper’s Song
66) The Kings’ Song
67) The Nativity Song
68) The Shepherds’ Song
69) The Streets Of Bethlehem
70) The White Dove
71) Three Wise Men (Val Hawthorne)
72) Three Wise Men (Patricia Lee)
73) Today Is Christmas Day
74) Travelling On
75) Travelling Song
76) Travelling To Bethlehem
77) Twinkle, Twinkle, Special Star
78) Welcome, Jesus
79) Who Am I
80) You’re Stepping On My Hoof

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