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Robin Hood - By Nick Perrin

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Robin Hood
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with Enhanced CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Starshine Music
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Bestseller KS2 KS3 CD

‘Robin Hood' is an enthralling production. The songs are lively, inspirational, easy to teach and were performed with great gusto by the children. The production is very boy-friendly and everyone threw themselves into each rehearsal and performance. It is action packed! The children loved it, the teachers loved it, the parents loved it - what more could we ask for?’  - RM, Head Teacher, London.

Product Description

The legend of Robin Hood lives on in this action-packed children's musical, with wonderful, catchy songs and a fast-moving script! The play is very suitable for a large cast, making it ideal as a whole school show.

In this classic struggle of good versus evil, Robin is - of course - the hero of the hour, as he fights for good against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and his dastardly right-hand man, Guy of Gisborne. As Robin leads us on an entertaining romp through the main ingredients of his legend, he is ably supported by Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, Much the Miller's Son and others as they uphold the cause of the down-trodden villagers.

Robin Hood is a versatile production that allows for different group sizes and abilities and there are detailed notes to aid script directing. Age guide 8-12 years.

The Director's Pack contains everything you need to stage a successful show including the Director's Book with director's overview, cast list, synopsis, notes, script, score, lyrics, helpful staging suggestions and performance licence application form. The included Enhanced CD contains full vocal demonstrations of the songs for the children to learn and separate instrumental backing tracks for performance use (no pianist required), along with printable files of the pupil script and lyric sheets (which allows you to print off as many copies as you require).

Approximate Duration: 55 minutes


1) Do The Rockin’ Robin
2) Lets Go To The Fayre
3) Nothing That I Wouldnt Do
4) Nothing That We Wouldnt Do
5) Our Story Begins
6) Our Story’s Told
7) Raise Your Swords
8) Robin Hood Our Hero
9) Robin’s Rap
10) Sanctus & The Chase
11) Take Me ’Cross The Water
12) We Need You Now Chorus
13) We Need You Now
14) You’re In Great Danger

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