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The Singing Sack - Music/Literacy Resource

The Singing Sack
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Stories with Musical Development
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Order Code: 9780713658057


Product Description

28 multicultural song-stories from around the world.

A valuable resource of world music and language. The spellbinding stories in this book each contain a simple song, which helps the narrative unfold and invites instant participation.

The CD contains all the songs, making a multi-cultural wealth of sounds, ideal for storytelling. Age range 5-11 years (KS1/2).


1) A Tale For Our Time
2) All Skin And Bone
3) Annancy, Puss And Ratta
4) Bhambhutia
5) Bouki Dances The Kokioko
6) Colin’s Cattle
7) Did The Rum Do?
8) Gluskabi And The Wild Eagle
9) Kibungo
10) Little Cock Featherfrock
11) Momo-Taro-San
12) Mr Hawk And Mother Hen
13) Nyangara The Python
14) Quilla Bung
15) Samblele
16) Spider The Drummer
17) The Blind Beggar
18) The Boy Who Lived With The Bears
19) The Finger Lock
20) The Lion On The Path
21) The Little Bird And The Raja
22) The Lonely Mermaid
23) The Night Troll
24) The Raja’s Secret
25) The Singing Sack
26) The Strange Visitor
27) Toad And Donkey
28) Why The Grass Never Stops Growing

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