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Bumper Harvest - By Nick Perrin

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Bumper Harvest
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with Enhanced CD
Category: Autumn Term Musical Play - Starshine Music
Order Code: 9781907395260

Bestseller CD

‘Great fun to perform! Great fun to watch! All of the children were fully involved in bringing the traditional story of The Little Red Hen and the Enormous Turnip to life. The Harvest celebration was a great hit with their parents and friends.’  - SG, Head Teacher, East Sussex.

Product Description

Bumper Harvest is a versatile collection of mini-musicals brilliantly adapted for use as a Harvest presentation and equally appropriate for other times of the year, for example, as part of a literacy project, World Book Day, etc.

Nick Perrin provides wonderfully fresh interpretations of The Little Red Hen, The Enormous Turnip and The Gingerbread Man. The mini-musicals may be performed independently (approx. 15 minutes each) but are written with a linking device (opening and closing conversation between two farmers and two children) to offer a longer show - approx. 50 minutes - ideal if you want to involve more than one class. Highly recommended and exceptionally good value.

Age Guide: 6 to 9 years. Each mini-musical approx. 15 minutes.

Included in Bumper Harvest are:

  • Three mini-musicals with linking script, plus director’s notes and overview
  • 2 CDs, containing 18 songs, including three generic Harvest songs and a Harvest round
  • A Harvest dance
  • Read-aloud stories
  • Colouring sheets
  • Three recipes
  • Photocopiable pupil script, lyrics and programme template

1. The Little Red Hen
The hard-working red hen finds a sack of wheat seeds. The dog, cat and duck won’t help her plant the seeds, harvest the wheat or make the bread, but they are only too keen to help her when it comes to eating the loaf she has made! In the end, the kind hen does share it with them but only after they’ve learned a very important lesson.

2. The Enormous Turnip
In the spring, a man plants some turnip seeds in his garden. One of the turnips grows much faster than the others, growing and growing until it is enormous. When the time comes to harvest this turnip, the man realises he needs help. More and more characters come to help pull out the turnip but it remains firmly rooted. At last, it’s the tiny bit of extra strength provided by a mouse that helps yank the enormous turnip out of the ground. Everyone enjoys a delicious harvest supper!

3. The Gingerbread Man
A little old woman makes a gingerbread man out of flour from the harvest. As it cooks, she is amazed to hear a tiny voice coming from inside the oven, calling to be let out! As soon as the oven door is open, the gingerbread man jumps out and runs away. He is chased by the little old woman, her husband, a cow and a horse - but he keeps on running and manages to escape from them all. When he reaches a river that he can’t get across, a cunning fox offers to carry him on his back. Half way across the river, the fox tosses the gingerbread man up into the air, so he falls down into the fox’s open mouth and is gobbled up! The fox is still rubbing his tummy when all the others arrive – disappointed that they can’t eat the gingerbread man. The good harvest means that plenty of flour is left and everyone sets about making more gingerbread men.

The included enhanced 'Bumper Harvest' CD contains PDF files for programme templates, a performance licence application form, the pupil scripts and lyric sheets (which allows you to print off as many copies as you require), as well as full vocal demonstrations of the songs for the children to learn and instrumental backing tracks for performance use (no pianist required).

Approximate Duration: 15 minutes each


/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-1.mp3 1) Once Upon A Time (Little Red Hen)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-2.mp3 2) Please Will You Help Me Plant/Harvest/Eat (Little Red Hen)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-3.mp3 3) Nobody Wants To Help Me (Little Red Hen)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-4.mp3 4) First The Little Roots Grow (Little Red Hen)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-5.mp3 5) Turn Turn Turn (Little Red Hen)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-6.mp3 6) Little Red Hen She Mixed The Flour (Little Red Hen)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-7.mp3 7) Summer Autumn Winter Spring (All)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-8.mp3 8) It’s Springtime Again (The Enormous Turnip)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-9.mp3 9) Getting Busy (The Enormous Turnip)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-10.mp3 10) Oh What A Whopper! (The Enormous Turnip)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-11.mp3 11) Gotta Get Help (The Enormous Turnip)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-12.mp3 12) Turnip For Breakfast (The Enormous Turnip)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-13.mp3 13) Harvest Home - Dance (All)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-14.mp3 14) I Shall Make A Gingerbread Man (The Gingerbread Man)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-15.mp3 15) Put Him In The Oven (The Gingerbread Man)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-16.mp3 16) Let Him Out (The Gingerbread Man)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-17.mp3 17) Run Run Run (The Gingerbread Man)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-18.mp3 18) Jump Upon My Tail (The Gingerbread Man)
/media/soundclips/Starshine/9781907395260-19.mp3 19) Does Everybody Know (The Gingerbread Man)

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