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Sherlock And Cinders - By Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey

Sherlock And Cinders
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - The School Musicals Company
Order Code: 9781999580841


Product Description

Join Holmes and Watson as they answer the prince’s summons and conduct their most challenging investigation yet - to find the foot that fits the glass slipper.

Disguised respectively as a duke and a female cook, Holmes and Watson set about finding the beautiful, mysterious lady who fled the prince’s ballroom. But with only a glass slipper, a dead mouse and a piece of pumpkin to go on, even Sherlock starts to wonder whether they have bitten off more than they can chew. Meanwhile, with a spiteful stepmother, two horrible stepsisters and a father bemoaning the theft of his prize-pumpkin, Cinderella has problems of her own.

Full of twists and turns and bringing together two of literature's most-loved characters, Sherlock & Cinders is a perfect ensemble piece for 9 to 13 year olds, with dozens of wonderful characters, laughs aplenty and nine original songs.

Contains 37 speaking roles with a flexible cast size of between 25 to 60+ (ideal cast size 50).

The Director's Book includes the full script with song lyrics, character profiles with number of lines, production suggestions (with helpful tips on costumes, props and staging), curriculum-linked material and the sheet music piano score with vocal line and guitar chords. The accompanying CD includes all songs recorded with children’s voices and full backing tracks.

An editable version of the script in Word format is available to customers who also purchase a performance licence. The cost of the editable script is currently £9.95 and this can only be bought (along with the performance licence) directly from the publisher’s website or by email to info@theschoolmusicalscompany.com or by completion of the form at the back of the book.

Approximate Duration: 65 minutes


Cast List

Cinderella Household:
Lady's Maid
Fairy Godmother

Mostly Police:
Sherlock Homes
Doctor Watson
Mrs Hudson
Inspector Lestrade
Sergeant Bucket
Sergeant Spade
PC World
Additional Police Officers

The Charming Household:
King Charming
Queen Charming
Prince Charming
Princess Arabella
Attendant 1
Attendant 2
Butler (Virgil)
Gardener Sid
Gardener Petey
Gardener Mary
Additional Household Staff/Gardeners

Boutons and Boutons Taylors:
Monsieur Boutons
Rupert Darning
Bethany Thimble
Eddie Seams
Jenna Yarn
Additional Costumiers

Guests at The Ball
Citizens of London
Citizens of Aramour
Market Vendors 1-8

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