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Rounds For Children - 2, 3 and 4 Parts

Rounds For Children
Media/Arrangement: Melody Line, Lyrics and Chords
Category: Songbooks
Publisher: Music Sales
Order Code: AM60260


Product Description

A beautifully illustrated book of over 100 rounds in 2, 3 and 4 parts. Delightful for use in school or for 'rainy days' at home. Melody line in standard notation and lyrics.


1) A Cuckoo And An Owl
2) At Summer Morn
3) Chit
4) Echo Sweet
5) Fruitful Fields Are Waving
6) Good-Bye
7) Here, Where Rippling Waters
8) Oh, Give Thanks
9) Onward, Upward
10) Over The Mountain
11) Past Ten O’clock
12) Wake Up! Wake Up!
13) Water Falling
14) Whether You Whisper Low
15) A Boat, A Boat!
16) All In A Fairy Ring
17) All Work And No Play
18) Beauty’s But An Idle Boast
19) The Bell Doth Toll
20) Birds Are Singing
21) Bow Wow Wow
22) Bring In The Tea Tray
23) Buy My Dainty Fine Beans
24) Call John
25) Christmas Is Coming
26) Come And Sing A Merry Song
27) Come Away
28) Come, Count The Time For Me
29) Come Follow
30) Dona Nobis Pacem
31) Glide Along
32) Grasshoppers Three
33) Great Tom Is Cast
34) Happy To Meet
35) Here I Go
36) Hey Ho, Nobody’s Home
37) Hi! Cheerily Ho
38) Horse To Trot
39) Humpty Dumpty
40) I Am A Athirst
41) If I Know What You Know
42) If Thou Tell
43) Joy And Temperance
44) Laughter Makes The World Go Round
45) Little Miss Muffett
46) Man’s Life
47) The Merry Bells Of Hamburg Town
48) The Millwheel
49) Morning Papers
50) Not Too Great
51) Now The Sun Sinks
52) O How Lovely Is The Evening
53) Packing Up
54) Sandy Mcnab
55) Shut The Door
56) Sing We Now Our Morning Song
57) Spring Is Coming
58) Sweetly Sings The Donkey
59) They March, They March
60) Three Bulls And A Bear
61) We Waited For An Omnibus
62) When A Weary Task
63) When Spring Returns Again
64) Where Is John
65) White Sand And Grey Sand
66) Who Comes Laughing
67) Ye Sportive Birds
68) Yes Tis Raining
69) A Cuckoo Catch
70) The Blacksmith
71) Cat In The Plumtree
72) Come, Let’s Sing A Merry Round
73) Do, Re, Mi, Fa
74) Donkey’s Love Carrots
75) Frere Jacques
76) The Ghost Of John
77) Good-Morning
78) Good Night, Good Night
79) Haste Makes Waste
80) Hear The Lively Songs Of The Frogs
81) I’ll Begin
82) Jack, Boy, Ho, Boy
83) Jane Glover
84) Jolly Round
85) A Lame, Tame Crane
86) The Lark, Linnet, And Nightingale
87) Laughing May Is Here
88) Let The Wind Blow
89) Love Your Neighbor
90) May-Day
91) Merrily, Merrily
92) Morning Is Come
93) My Goose And Thy Goose
94) My Paddle’s Keen And Bright
95) Now The Day Is Nearly Done
96) Now We’ll Make The Rafters Sing
97) On Mules We Find
98) Row Row Row Your Boat
99) Scotland’s Burning
100) Sing It Over
101) Sing One, Two, Three
102) Sweet Is The Hour
103) Thirty Days Hath September
104) Those Evening Bells
105) Thou Poor Bird
106) Three Blind Mice
107) Wake And Sing
108) Well Rung Tom
109) Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid
110) White Choral Bells
111) The White Hen
112) Who’ll Buy My Posies
113) Jinkin The Jester
114) Sing Together Merrily
115) Little Bo-Peep

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