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One Planet Future - By Debbie Campbell

One Planet Future
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Debbie Campbell
Order Code: DC10030

Bestseller KS2 KS3 CD

Product Description

Written for the World Wide Fund for Nature, this humorous musical tackles the serious problem of WASTE. Ideal for 7 to 14 year-olds, it has chorus and solo parts for the whole school. The accompanying beautifully illustrated book with CD provides a great resource for environmental projects.

Urgent environmental issues brought to life with exciting music, humour and sensitivity. Rag and Bone, a pair of urban foxes, watch helplessly as their home becomes a dumping ground for broken appliances, furniture and other G.R.O.T.s - Get Rid Of That! Then LT250, an obsolete laptop, arrives on the Trash Truck and begins to search the Internet for help. The Wasteland Warriors pick up his message and soon come to the rescue. Thanks to them the allotment and G.R.O.T.s are restored to their former usefulness.

Ten songs explore a variety of musical styles, including Ballad, Rock 'n' Roll, Old English, Country & Western, Waltz, Lullaby and Blues.

Cast: 24 speaking parts, 7 solo singing parts, 3 choruses and 13 footnotes. In Order of Appearance: Narrator; Rag and Bone (foxes); Trash Truck Crew; G.R.O.T.s (as described above); Grub, Maggot and Wormy (industrious minibeasts, the original recyclers); Chorus of Minibeasts; Slick (menacing fossil fuel trapped in a can); LT250 (laptop, speaking in a robotic voice); Bulky Waste (three actors in unison make up this tatty sofa); Goggle Box (black-and-white television with a BBC accent); Velocity (rusty mountain bike); Drip (sniffy fridge full of junk food); Carry (plastic-bag Country and Western singer); Chorus of Plastic Bags; Cash (down-and-out supermarket trolly with a wonky wheel); Grandad (sentimental pensioner and Wasteland Warrior); Marigold (bossy but well-meaning gardner), Wasteland Warrior; Jess, Sim, Charlie, Alex, Krish, Nicky (young Wasteland Warriors); Stickle and Tickle (a pair of carefree sticklebacks); Chorus of Ickle Fish.

The Illustrated Teacher's Book is a 48 page full colour-illustrated book which includes a CD with 11 vocal and backing tracks, integral play script and song words, costume, staging and dance ideas. Suitable for Key Stages 2-3 (ages 7-14) with a cast size of 20 to 50+. Please note that Part Two can be performed as a short version of the musical. Cross Curricular Aspects include science, ecology, geography, language, literacy, citizenship, music, dance, drama, art and design.

Approximate Duration: Full version approx. 1 hour; Abridged versions approx. 30 mins


1) G.R.O.T.s’ Lullaby
2) We’re Here To Stay
3) Carry On And On
4) Fast Food
5) Dirty Rotten Decomposers
6) A Date With Mother Nature
7) A Big World Of Difference
8) City Garden
9) In The Moment
10) One Planet Future

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