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Emerald Crown, The - By Debbie Campbell

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The Emerald Crown
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Debbie Campbell
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Bestseller KS1 KS2

‘Dear Debbie, Thank you so much for your support of our project Hidden - Save our Rainforests. With your help, we were able to support the local wildlife rescuers that volunteer their time to rehabilitate injured, sick, orphaned wildlife back to their rainforest/bush habitat. The song the Emerald Crown inspired the script and was enjoyed by all our families. Your passion for planet earth is greatly recognised and appreciated. Warm regards, Jasu.’  - JK, Brisbane, Australia.

Product Description

This musical explores the diversity of a rainforest with colourful costumes, lively songs and dances and a rapping script.

The Emerald Crown is the term given to the luscious green canopy that covers the Amazonian rainforest. The tranquillity of the rainforest is shattered by ‘Twentieth Century Highwaymen’, destroying the trees for profit.

Local wildlife, led by a rapping Toucan, decide to teach these profiteers a big lesson. With the promise of even greater treasure, they lure them on a perilous journey through the jungle. The final lesson is that, once removed, rainforest treasure becomes worthless.

Witty verses and catchy songs stimulate children to think about the vital preservation process which is needed to save the rainforests. The conservation of rainforests is a world issue of concern to us all. Through the study and performance of this musical, children can actively learn about the vital preservation process, which is needed to save these regions from destruction and over-exploitation.

Debbie Campbell's witty verses and catchy songs are complemented by Tim Stevens' captivating illustrations, which bring the jungle and animal characters alive, making The Emerald Crown an excellent resource for classroom activity as well as performances. Ideal for primary and secondary schools (Key Stages 1-2, ages 7-11).

Musical styles include rock, rap, blues, disco, jazz and ballad.

Cross-curricular themes and topics include Sustainability, Living things, Minibeasts, Animals, Fish, Plants, Trees, Conservation, Habitats, Ecosystems, Rainforests, Farming, Rivers and Amazonian tribes.

The Emerald Crown was commissioned by the WWF. It has been featured on TV and performed in venues around the world, including The Royal Albert Hall and the London Barbican.

Listen to the song "It Takes a Hundred Years" from The Emerald Crown here:

Approximate Duration: 30-40 minutes


1) Toucan Rap
2) Twentieth Century Highwayman
3) Slash and Burn
4) It Takes a Hundred Years
5) Down on the Ground
6) We’re Bats
7) Jungle Disco
8) Wild Cat
9) Emerald Crown / Look Around

Cast List

Flexible cast size with 20 to 40+ evenly distributed speaking/singing parts and choruses:
Air Steward
Ruthless and Trader - Twentieth Century Highwaymen
Maria - barmaid
Construction Workers*
4 Toucans*
4 Macaws*
Bats *
Anaconda (non-speaking)
Piranhas, Ants, Frogs, Sloths, Bats, Howler Monkeys and Jaguars (non-speaking)
Choruses - Trees, Plants and Flowers

* denotes solo/small group singing part

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