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Blooming Gorgeous - By Debbie Campbell

Blooming Gorgeous
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Spring/Summer Term Musical Play - Debbie Campbell
Order Code: DC10016

Bestseller KS1 KS2 CD

Product Description

This lively musical is a great resource for school gardening projects and the study of food chains and life processes.

It gives pupils an insight into the work of Thomas Fairchild, an 18th century plantsman who cultivated tropical plants brought back from Sailors’ explorations abroad. We meet him and his young apprentices in his City of London nursery where there is great excitement because he has just cross-pollinated a Carnation and Sweet William to produce a brand new species of plant called a ‘Mule’!

Meanwhile busy Minibeasts are recycling organic waste to fatten up veggies for the cooking pot. Spud, a tough potato, quickly escapes to hide among the tropical plants in the hothouse! After their hard day’s work, the apprentices go scrumping for apples down by St Paul's. They are looking forward to potato stew and apple pie for supper!

Cast: To suit the number of performers available, the cast size is flexible with 25 to 40 evenly distributed speaking/singing parts and choruses.

Eleven songs and dances explore a wide diversity of musical styles including Old English, rock 'n' roll, blues, nursery rhymes and Latin American.

Suitable for Key Stages 1-2 (ages 7-11). Cross Curricular Aspects include science, ecology, history, geography, language, literacy, citizenship, social education, music, dance, art and design. The Director's Book contains the script, lyrics and piano score with vocal line and guitar chords, along with costume and staging ideas. A CD featuring vocal and backing tracks of all music is also included to aid rehearsal and illuminate the final performance!

Approximate Duration: 30-45 minutes


1) A Long, Long Time Before We Were Born
2) Dirty Rotten Decomposers
3) Tough Potato
4) Green-Finger Blues
5) The Exotics
6) City Garden
7) Procreation
8) London Bridge Is Falling Down
9) Upon Paul’s Steeple
10) Medley

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