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Ocean Commotion - By Debbie Campbell

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Ocean Commotion
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Debbie Campbell
Order Code: NOV720049


‘It is great!’  - Annabel, Armadale.

Product Description

A wonderful environmental musical with 12 memorable songs telling the tale of Bottlenose the dolphin who is taken into captivity.

A trusting young Bottlenose Dolphin goes off to play with her human friends, despite warnings about fishing nets from cautious Porpoises. Meanwhile the aggressive Great White Shark is trying to find a good school for his brainless godson Hammerhead, who’ll never learn to avoid the dreaded hook. Swimming along in the deep blue sea they encounter many colourful creatures including Barnacles, Herrings and Tuna Fish.

When Bottlenose is captured and taken to a dolphinarium, the sea creatures rush to her rescue. Great White threatens to attack the humans but Orca, a clever Killer Whale, enlists the help of the illusive Blue Whale, who counsels that force will lead nowhere, despite his might; communication with the humans who hold Bottlenose is the way to go.

Children of all ages will love the characters and irresistible music in this show, whilst gaining a better understanding of our interaction with the sea and its inhabitants. Suitable for key stages 1-3 (ages 5-14). Cross curricular aspects include science, ecology, geography, citizenship, language, literacy, music, dance, design and art.

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes


1) All Sea Creatures
2) All Sea Creatures (in optional 2-part harmony)
3) Blue Whale
4) Great White Theme
5) Hitchin’ A Ride
6) Look Out For The Hook!
7) Making War Is Only For The Foolish
8) Night Migration
9) Ocean Commotion
10) On With The Show
11) Strangers In The Sea
12) Synchronized Swimmers
13) The Big Bad Lad Of The Ocean
14) The Late Great White Shark
15) The Little Fish That Got Away

Cast List

Flexible cast size with 15 to 30 evenly distributed speaking/singing parts and choruses:
Bottlenose* – a trusting Bottlenose Dolphin
3 Porpoises*, cautious of humans (non-speaking)
Hammerhead* – a brainless Hammerhead Shark
Great White* – Hammerhead’s aggressive Godfather
Pilot Fish – Great White’s fussy attendants
Barnacles – hitch hikers (non-speaking)
Red Herring – practical joker
3 Little Fish* – the ones that got away (non-speaking)
Herrings – synchronized swimmers (non-speaking)
2 Tuna Teachers* – warn about the hook and net
Tuna Pupils – learn about the hook and the net (non-speaking)
Orca – Killer Whale, master of the sea
Blue Whale* – the biggest creature in the world
Small Parts – Crabs, Lobsters, Starfishes, Barracuda, Humans (non-speaking)
Choruses – Barnacles, Fish, Humans

* denotes solo/small group singing part

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