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Antony And Cleopatra - By Debbie Campbell

Antony And Cleopatra
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Debbie Campbell
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Bestseller KS2 KS3 CD

Product Description

Based on Shakespeare's tragedy, this moving musical tells of the love, intrigues and conflicts that brought about the downfall of Mark Antony, Roman Triumvir and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Cleopatra schemes to hold on to Antony and her power but Antony is torn between a life of luxury in her palace and loyalty to his friends and comrades in Rome.

The action takes place between ancient Egypt and Rome, with exotic scenes and spectacular land and sea battles.

Two different kinds of Script are available: Original, with edited Shakespeare text, and a modern Rhyming version, a great introduction for young performers and students learning English as a foreign language.

Cast: The list is flexible to accommodate variable numbers of available performers with fairly evenly distributed lines. There are approximately 20 to 35 evenly distributed solo speaking and group singing parts and extensive Choruses of Egyptians and Romans make this musical entirely suitable for class or school productions.

Eleven songs and dances explore a wide diversity of musical styles including Oriental, Ballad, Waltz, March, Rock and Tango.

Suitable for Key stages 2-3 (ages 9-15). Cross-curricular aspects include English (Shakespeare, plays, sonnets, poetry, myths and legends, theatre), History (Elizabethan literature, historic places and people, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt) and PHSE (relationships, conflict and resolution, differences and similarities, bullying). The Director's Book includes the score, lyrics and script (with Act and Scene references to Shakespeare's text) and a CD with vocal and backing tracks.

Approximate Duration: 45-60 minutes


1) Ancient Egypt
2) Hey Soothsayer
3) O, Never Was Their Queen So Mightily Betrayed
4) United
5) Going To Meet Her Man
6) Leave Him
7) Did You See Her?
8) United (Reprise)
9) Friends Be Gone
10) I Have Done Ill
11) I Am Dying, Egypt, Dying

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