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Blue Crystal, The - By Nick Perrin

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The Blue Crystal
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with Enhanced CD
Category: All Year Round Musical Play - Starshine Music
Order Code: SRS001CD

Bestseller KS2 KS3 CD

‘The 'Blue Crystal' is the first show of yours I've produced and I've enjoyed putting it on more than any other production I've ever done at any school! The songs are catchy, the references are up to date and the pupils really enjoyed the whole show. ’  - TG, Teacher, Kent.

Product Description

New Edition 2019 - with updated script and enhanced instrumental backing tracks!

The Blue Crystal is a sci-fi musical adventure for children set 1000 years in the future, with a simple plot and a fast-moving script. The show contains plenty of action to appeal to both boys and girls and is full of humour - especially if the main character is hammed up as a superhero!

Following the depletion of its natural resources, all of Earth’s systems depend upon The Blue Crystal which powers a giant computer. When the crystal is stolen by the Zarcons, a warrior race from a distant and dying planet, the Earth people look to Captain Tor to recapture the crystal and save the human race from extinction.

Along with robots, clones and a hologram newsreader, Captain Tor fights the aliens until he is confronted by the Zarcon princess - and a dilemma! Can they work together to save both of their planets?

This fantastic musical production is ideal for youth groups, young theatre and school performance. The story boasts thirteen varied and catchy songs that are easy and fun to learn, as well as the chance to play robots, aliens, scientists, clones and many other bizarre characters!

The Director's Pack contains everything you need to stage a successful show including the Director's Book with director's overview, cast list, synopsis, notes, script, score, lyrics, helpful staging suggestions and performance licence application form. The included Enhanced CD contains full vocal demonstrations of the songs for the children to learn and separate instrumental backing tracks for performance use (no pianist required), along with printable files of the pupil script and lyric sheets (which allows you to print off as many copies as you require).

Suitable for ages 8 to 12.

Approximate Duration: 55 minutes


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