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It's Chr-i-i-i-stmas! - By Andrew Oxspring and Ian Faraday

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Its Chriiistmas
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Nativity Musical Play - Edgy Productions
Order Code: EP112

Bestseller KS1 KS2 CD

‘Extremely good, sound excellent and would buy for year 6 children.’  - JJ, Lindley Junior School.

Product Description

This 'pop-tastic' musical will make you feel like you're at the coolest Christmas party ever! Set against the background of a festive chart show, the traditional Nativity is told by a delightful variety of 'bands' and 'artists', all key characters in the familiar story. Through wonderful pastiches and parodies of our favourite seasonal rock and pop anthems, and a simple but witty script, the first ever Christmas is presented like never before and is guaranteed to get your whole school rocking as we count down the hits to see who is top of the festive pop charts!

There’s a bit of Motown round the manger with ‘Gabriel’s Soul Patrol’, while glam-rock shepherds, ‘The Crooks’, bring the beat to Bethlehem in their platform heels. Also contenders for the top spot are boyband trio ‘The Wise Guys’, bickering folk-punks ‘The Landlords’, 60’s pop icons ‘Don Kee & The Animals’ and the brassy ‘Herod & The King’s Swingers’! A poptastic Christmas nativity musical production for the whole school to enjoy!

Contains 47 speaking roles with a flexible number of ensemble characters. For larger schools, extra speaking characters can easily be added to scenes and the existing lines shared out between them. Equally, for smaller schools, because many characters only appear in one scene, multiple parts can be played by a single actors. Suitable for ages 6 to 11.

The Book and CD Pack contains everything you need to stage a successful show including the full script with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery; a CD of vocal tracks, backing tracks, continuity music and sound effects; and a piano score with voice line and guitar chords.

Also available is a CD-ROM of Digital Backdrops containing eight images in the sequence they are required throughout the script, supplied in both a PowerPoint presentation and as individual hi-resolution JPG files. No more scenery painting! These images may be projected onto a screen or wall at the back of your stage or hand them to a local printer to print onto large boards or sheets in order to create your stage backdrops. They're also useful to print off for cast and stage crew to familiarise themselves with the sets and scene changes.

A free editable copy of the script in Word format is also available upon request when you purchase (and have paid for) this musical from us. Simply e-mail us with your request, along with your name and address, and we will arrange for a copy of the script to be sent to you by e-mail. This will allow you to edit the script, if required, and to print as many copies of the script as you require.

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes


1) Chart Theme Tune intro
2) The One God’s Chosen
3) The Streets Of Bethlehem
4) Peace And Love To All Mankind
5) There Is A Stable
6) The First Christmas
7) Bad King Herod
8) Everybody Sing Along

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